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Bulletin Board Ideas update

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on October 21, 2010

Last year I put up interesting pictures of animals and people. I had the students write what they thought the person or animal was thinking. (see more about this under Bulletin Board Ideas) I found that having the kids write their ideas on a white board was great but…. it got a little messy. So this year I made small thinking bubbles and laminated them. I took pictures of my students and each week I post a new one on my board. The kids write on the small thinking bubbles and we put them around the picture.

I told the students they could pose alone, with props or with each other. This turned into a great problem-solving activity. I had students making silly faces, peeking around corners, posing with my rubber chicken, reading a book, and more. It’s been a fun way to start the session too. After they write on their bubble I give them a lemon head or red hot or some other small candy (gotta love the dollar store). They only do one bubble each week and not one everytime they see me.

I have also not used any sticker or reward charts this year. And guess what… not one kiddo has asked about it!

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  1. Marianne Cashman said,

    I no longer use stickers and reward charts. The teachers really did not like it when the kids went back to the room with prizes and disrupted the classes showing everyone. Plus, I figure – our society puts too much emphasis on rewards for things people should just do! So, one of our retiring teachers was getting rid of this thing that looks like a tornado. You can drop marbles or pennies into it and watch them spin. So now, when our session is over, if the sudent has NOT gotten 3 x’ on the board (3 warnings) – they get to each put a penny in. When our penny jar is empty (just about once a quarter) we get to have a special treat day – for ex: we are making turkey cookies this week! The kids love this, it is quick, and instills a sense of working for the good of the whole group – not just for a personal reward.

    • Cindy said,

      Sounds like a great idea! That’s kinda what I did last year- each group saved up their points for a reward party.

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