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Closing the Gap

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on October 23, 2010

Closing the Gap is an annual conference that is held in MN. It is attended by people from across the states and farther and the same for the presenters. The conference brings resources and technology for people with disabilities. Although I was not fortunate to attend any presentations I was able to visit the exhibition booths for free. I saw a lot of great ideas and technology advances. I was also able to visit with my friend, Marsha who was an exhibitor. You can check out her book at: Talking with Baby

Here is a link to the list of exhibitors in case you would like to check their resources: Exhibitor List

I should mention that on Monday several of the OTs and SLPs in my school district were honored to have the AssistiveWare CEO David Niemeije present his products РProloquo2go and Pictello.  You can check out these resources here: Prologuo2Go (proloquo means speak out loud in Latin).


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