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I’m getting an iPad and more!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on November 12, 2010

I just found out today that my grant was approved! This means I will be getting a 4th generation iTouch AND an iPad PLUS a 200.00 iTunes card for apps, an iPad case and a 4-port USB port.

This is all thanks to District 279 Foundation. The District 279 Foundation provides grants to fund innovative opportunities for our children developed by creative enthusiastic teachers, staff and volunteers in Independent School District 279. Gifts to the Foundation Directly benefit our children in the Classroom. It is run by non-educators who support the foundation with fundraisers and grants from other resources.  Any staff member in our school district can apply. This fall 28 grants were approved for over $26,000.

I am excited to  move to the big screen of an iPad. I know the kids at school will benefit a lot from being able to use this technology to improve their speech and language skills.

Students need to use their communication skills in all academic settings and technology is one way for them to expand their skills. It can be a tool used to promote relationships between students with Autism and their typical peers. My school is using a lot of reading interventions this year to build up test scores and skills. I could use the apps to help support these skills within my speech room and in within classroom lessons.

The use of an iTouch or iPad is innovative in itself, and the creativity is endless. It is bringing technology into the classroom. and am able to match to student communication and reading comprehension needs first and continue to expand to other areas. It is a constant challenge for teachers to create a learning environment that is adaptable to individual learning styles.  Some of my kids need test modifications, involving the reading of the test material to the student.  The Apple technology would allow us to bridge some of those learning gaps by adapting the test to the student.  Allowing the student to hear his or her test via iPod frees the teacher to address other concerns while achieving the same goal.  It would also instill a sense of belonging among the students who are frequently pulled out of class for special attention; attention which too often identifies the student in a negative context.  This would also allow these challenged students to create and participate in groups, instilling a further sense of belonging and teamwork.  When we adapt, they can learn.

I am currently using my personal iTouch and a school owned iTouch with students. I would like to add the newest generation iTouch as it also has a camera. I plan on adding apps to 2 of the iTouches for students to use in the classroom setting. I would like to add an iPad to use when teaching skills to larger groups and it is easier for students to share for an activity due to the larger screen.


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  1. Thuong Pham said,

    Introduce the scientific method to preschoolers with our iPad app and lesson plan. Preschoolers instinctively observe and ask questions. They also think outside the box because they are unaware of what’s normal or obvious. Have you given a preschooler a toy and watched them use it in numerous ways it was never meant to be used? They are naturally creative and innovative. This is why we think this is the perfect time to introduce preschoolers to the scientific method. It encourages creativity and critical thinking.

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