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Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on December 11, 2010

It is a snowed in day in wintery MN. I am playing with my new iPad and catching up on blog reading.

I was going to put a list of SLP blogs but thanks to Sean he has a great list. SpeechTechie

Here are a few more:
Jill Kuzma Another MN SLP and a great resource for social thinking
Michelle Garcia Winner This is her social thinking website which includes her
Teaching All Students A blog focused on Assistive Technology and it’s use in a special education classroom.
In Spontaneous Speech
Speech Language Resources
Teacher Tom Teaching and learning from preschoolers
Simple Speech

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  1. Maureen S. said,

    Does anyone know of a good workbook for Learning Disabled boys (ages 12 through 18 years of age)? I have tried many things, such as Mad Libs, Graphic Novels, Catch Phrase, etc. The boys I work with obviously have low attention span. When I initially went into Speech-Language 10 years ago, it was with the developmental disabilitity teenagers and I loved it. Now I am a little lost — any help would really be appreciated.
    thanks Maureen S. –

    • Cindy said,

      What type of things do they need to improve?

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