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Happy New Year and Facebook

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on January 3, 2011

Well it was back to school for me today. The time off went by way too fast again!

My Facebook page at times is more about information that I can use for work more than keeping up with friends. It is amazing how much is on Facebook that can be used in therapy. Here are some of the ones I have “liked” on Facebook. I am sure this is true for Twitter too but I have not joined that bandwagon… I already have enough to check and have not felt pushed to twitter too….yet.

-iPhone,iTouch & iPad for Speech Therapy
-iPhone & Speech Therapy
-DynaVox Speech and Communication Devices
-Smarty Ears
-Sen Assist
-Free Technology for Teachers
-Once Upon An App
-Autism Speaks
-Jeremy Brown (AccessAbility MedCare)
-The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding
-Autism Support Network
-Lily the Black Bear
-Fun Educational Apps
-Free App Promo Kings

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  1. Lucy Nutt said,

    Hi Cindy! I LOVE your BLOG! Thanks so much for all of the time/effort devoted to it! Would you like to list my Facebook page, AAC Therapy Solutions, somewhere? I try to keep folks up to date, yet not overloaded on current AT info.

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks! I am on spring break this week. My to do list includes updating my blog. I will add you! Wish I could say I was somewhere warm instead of cleaning closets! And it may snow this weekend here in balmy MN!

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