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New iPad 2 announcement! I have an app code for you!

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on March 3, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS to HEATHER- winner of the app!

So did you watch the Apple presentation about the iPad2? Some pretty nice additions at the same prices as the first iPad.

The new iPad announcement helped me a little with my March I’ds..
-I’d rather be on a beach.
-I’d rather not see anymore snow.
-I’d rather have spring.

I have one code for Word Slapp app for iPad. If you would like this then leave me a suggestion on how to cure my March I’ds in the comment section. I will pick the winner on Monday 3/7 afternoon. So post your ideas by noon Monday (CST time).
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Check out the app here:

Word Slapps

8 Responses to 'New iPad 2 announcement! I have an app code for you!'

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  1. I’m already subscribed to your blog, and it looks like I might have good odds here. 🙂

    Cure your I’ds by… pretending that the March snow is really a sign of spring. That’s what I’m doing! It almost looks pretty glistening in the sunshine.

    OK, more fun. Cure your March I’ds by doing something normally reserved for spring. It’s not quite as cold outside, so go for a long walk/bike ride/run on a sunny (albeit a little chilly) afternoon. Look for the signs of spring that might be coming. I see a lot of rabbits around our town, for example. Are there any buds on the early blooming trees? Or even just the fact that there’s no ice on the river. That counts for something.

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Heather! Trying to think spring but it is snowing again today. Yes your odds of getting the code are good! Maybe not many who read this blog have an iPad.

  2. Tracey said,

    I love your blog, Cindy! Great info and tx ideas. I will figure out a way to subscribe so that I won’t miss out on opportunities like this again.

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks! I was surprised that many people were looking at my blog but only one posted for the app. I will pass on more when I get them! There should be a link at the top that says subscribe to this blog.

  3. Stephanie said,

    I have one comment on how to cure your March I’ds…..

    “There’s an app for that!!! “

    • Cindy said,

      LOL! I will look for it in the app store.

  4. Laura said,


    Our local gardening center has make and take days where you can plant some pots for Spring. They will keep them for you until May when it is safe to put them out. When you go back to pick them up – Voila! a huge beautifully flowering pot that look nothing like the scraggly thing you planted a couple of months before!! The dirt and the nursery always smells so good this time of year!

    • Cindy said,

      That sounds wonderful!

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