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Recharging part 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on April 11, 2011

When my students or my own kids complained about being bored or that some activity/class etc. was dumb, I would tell them that “only you can choose your attitude”. If you choose to be bored you will be bored but if you go in thinking that you will find one thing that is interesting then you change your attitude. Just like I’ve done at many school meetings over the years that did not pertain to me or my job. But this weekend was all about getting to sit through sessions that pertained to me so my attitude was great!

Today started with the MSHA breakfast and annual meeting. The organization brought back the poster contest this year. The posters are created by students or clients about communication for Better Speech and Hearing month. The grand prize winner was an 8th grade student from my school district. Joan W. was her SLP and asked if she would like to participate. The student turned in her drawing and Joan was in awe of the artistic talent and so was everyone at the conference.

The meeting discussed how to get more SLPs and Audiologists to become members. Of course many feel it is one more due to pay, as I have said too (but I did join this year). Others don’t understand where the dues go or what the Association does for SLPs and Audiologists. Well today I chose “a new attitude” about this. The organization pays lobbyists to represent our needs and concerns in the political scene. They are the ones who are fighting for changes or fighting to keep funding for our services. This is something to think about and maybe you too will choose a “new attitude.”

The sessions I attended today addressed stuttering and Collabortion between ELL and SLPs for interventions and assessments. Here are some resources:

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  1. Laura said,

    Thank you for making the point about MSHA, Cindy!

    I think that is one of the things that many SLPs don’t understand about MSHA. Our dues money IS actually going out to protect us. The Education Association doesn’t protect our scope of practice, though it will protect ‘teacher rights’. Our MSHA is the only group that actively works to protect us as SLPs. I don’t think that $90 per year is too much to pay a lobbyist to fight for me on Capital Hill.

    Another point, the executive board members and members of policy council are volunteers. I could be wrong, but no one gets paid to fulfill those jobs, as I understand it. We are actually getting by very cheaply for the amount of work that does go into our MSHA organization. When you actually look into what MSHA does for us, we can get a lot out of it.

    Okay – Enough SoapBox!! Take Care! 🙂

    • Cindy said,

      I used to have the “attitude” that paying dues to MSHA was not worth it. I did rejoin this year. I do believe many of us think about the money and don’t “see” how it helps them. I now understand that there is a lot behind the scenes and we need representation at the legislative level. Ok now I am stepping down from my soap box too.

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