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BubCaps can help reduce frustration

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on May 23, 2011

Paperclip Robot makes home button covers for your iDevices. First you gotta love the company name and second just saying BubCaps three times fast is just plain fun! Hey maybe it can be an oral motor warm-up exercise!?

I don’t remember how I discovered this company but I am glad I did. Have you been using an app on your iDevice with a student or child and all of sudden they decide to push the home button? Maybe they did it accidentally or decided they wanted to play Angry Birds instead. No matter the reason this interrupted the lesson, wasted time returning to the app for the lesson and caused me frustration. So with adding a BubCap I have reduced this significantly.

Here’s how it works (check the video too). There are three different models, original, ulta and max. Each one is the same size but varies in rigidity which means how much pressure is required to activate the home button. Installing the BubCap is easy (refer to website for more details)- just basically peel and stick.

I chose the Ultra as my caseload ranges from pre-6th graders. I did need to cut a small section off of my protective screen cover before installing the BubCap but this was not a difficult task. When my students first saw this they were puzzled and some thought the home button had disappeared on my iPad. They are still able to push the home button by using a little more pressure but it has stopped the quick hits and escapes from apps.

The occupational therapist I work with was using a plastic picture frame type keyguard that sat on outside edges of the iPad screen and covered the home button. It was easy to put it on and remove as her students soon discovered. I gave her my other Max BubCap and she has not had anyone removing it.

I recently received the Max version of the BubCap and it requires the most pressure to activate the home button. For now the Ultra is working and I am not switching …. yet!

The BubCap can be removed. It takes a little work to get it off. It could be saved and used again but since it attaches by adhesive taking it on and off will reduce it's ability to "stick." It does take a little time to get used to applying more pressure. The students are now able to use this and only the youngest ones may need my help. I have not had any difficulties using my iPad cases with the BubCap.

BubCap is sold on Amazon for $5.00 for a package of 4. If you purchase these on the company's website you will receive a free max version (limited time offer). I purchased the intro package which included two regular and two ulta BubCaps. You can purchase a 4 pack of just the Ultra- this would be the one to get if you are using it for school age kids. The Max version might be best for use with older students. The Original requires the least pressure and would work best for toddlers.

The only downside I am experiencing is double clicking the home button is harder. That is another reason I am not switching to the Max version as I use my iPad all the time and not just with my students.

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  1. Laura said,

    Thanks for the review, Cindy. I have been meaning to get one. I can TOTALLY relate to kids who don’t want to do the lesson and have figured out how to escape! Makes me so Frustrated. So, My response has been to get out the boring old cards and make them suffer through that. This has cured the older kids, but the younger ones don’t always get it. 😉 Keep up with the blogging!

  2. sally said,

    Now if we could only find a way to cover the tricky in-app purchase links that the kiddos accidentally hit all the time. 😦

    • Cindy said,

      You can change your settings on your iDevice. Go to Settings- General- Restrictions. You will need to set up a passcode. You can then turn off in-app purchases, adding apps, deleting apps and more. On your computer you can change your iTunes account so that is not attached to your credit card too.

      • Rob said,

        Thanks for the review, Cindy! As far as the in-app purchase links that Sally mentioned, even with restrictions on, the links are a frustration because they take kids out of the intended app. So for best results, you really need BubCaps AND quality children’s apps which don’t have any links that exit the app. I would like to start keeping a list of the kids apps that don’t have external links, but not sure when I’ll have time!

      • Cindy said,

        I agree Rob. It is frustrating. It happened several times just today when I was doing therapy sessions. There are times I’ve turned my iPad so the app was upside down just so little fingers could avoid the ads or other links.

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