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The iBallz have it !

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on June 9, 2011

I recently received something fun to try on my iPad. The company was kind enough to send me the iBallz original iPad protection and the Eye Lid.

They both are very easy to attach and light weight. The students I work with in speech therapy loved it and thought it was very cool. The iBallz work great and have held up to students’ handling and no one tried to dismantle it. They did offer to test how well it provided protection by offering unique ways and places to drop it. I deferred this to just a brainstorming lesson and did not put it to a real test. We watched the iBallz site video instead. Which you can view here:
iBallz video and photos

I wasn’t so sure about them initially but now I don’t see switching back to my other case. The Eye Lid took a little longer to figure out the best way to use it as a stand. Although it seems a little flimsy it does the job in the landscape position. This was tested when I took notes at an IEP meeting that lasted almost 4 hours and the Eye Lid held up better than I did! It does not support the portrait position which I did miss. Now if I need to use my iPad in the portrait position I just set it on the table. I occasional use a book stand or my speaker dock if I want an incline in the portrait position. This has worked great for all apps and students.

I use my iPad with students in Kindergarten-6th grade in school and with clients in private practice (age 3-16). Their needs range from mild to significant. I found that the iBallz are working well with all.

The Eye Lid makes a compact cover that fits into my bag easily. It is comfortable to carry around when moving from the speech room to the classroom to meetings etc.

This is working for me. To see if it meets your needs check out the company site and other reviews.

The iBallz original costs 19.95 and the Eye Lid 29.95.


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