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From pop bottle to garden globe…

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on June 23, 2011

It was the last week of school when I thought of a project for the round coke bottles I mentioned in an earlier post. We made Garden Globes. It was very easy, fun and a great activity to do with my speech students.

Materials we used:
1. Round plastic coke bottles
2. Paint- we used tempra paint since that was our only option at school (more about this below)

1. Permanent markers
2. Kabob skewers
3. Twine or ribbon
4. Round flat jewels and permanent glue
5. Drill

I squirted a small amount of paint into the bottle. I think I really could have used a lot less. We found that 3 colors worked the best. These were squirted in at the same time but on different sides of the bottle.

We swirled the paint by holding the capped end. As we experimented we found that spinning the bottles on the floor worked the best.

We left the caps off to dry. If too much paint is used you get a big puddle in bottom of the bottle.

1. We found that too much spinning made the paint colors mix too much and turn to a muddy color.

2. Some colors looked the better than others- black or brown were not as nice as blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, white and green.

3. Use just a little paint- it doesn’t take much to cover the inside of the bottle and you can always add more.

I took the bottles home and drilled a small hole on the top of the caps. This is where I inserted the kabob skewers or you could put the twine or ribbon through. I used permanent markers to color the white caps.

I glued flat clear jewels on the bottom of the bottles.

Now a word about the paint.
When I put my garden globes in my plants they tended to show condensation and the paint rolled off. I rolled the bottle to redistribute the paint and this helped cover clear areas. It seems like this has stopped but I’ll see what happens when we get really hot weather again. So if you have other paint options it may be worth trying.

This turned into a great activity in my speech sessions. I let the kids figure out what worked or didn’t. They went to our principal and asked if they could place them in the new garden the students had helped to make. The principal suggested placing our garden globes in our courtyards instead. She was concerned that the new garden was more public and the globes would be lost. So we gave a bag full to the summer kid care staff. They are making vegetable gardens in the courtyards and will hang or stake the globes. They hope the hanging ones may discourage birds from the garden.

The pictures below show the globes that I kept and placed in my plants. I think they turned out great!


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  1. Dean Trout said,

    That is a delightful idea for young and old alike…speech or non-speech…great for crafters period. I LIKE it!

  2. Laura said,

    That is such a GREAT idea!!! I will need to see if I can find some round bottles now! thank you so much for sharing!! I LOVE IT!! And they turned out so well from what I can see in the pictures!

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Laura- I recently saw round coke bottles with a baseball wrapper. The ones I had were bought at Christmas time and I think Coke usually puts them out each year.

  3. What a great idea Cindy … think we’ll have to try this one!
    Donna 🙂 🙂

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks! I hope you will send pictures. I’d love to see how it works for you.

  4. Peaches said,

    Rounf coke bottles?! Where have I been?! What a great idea!!!!

    • Cindy said,

      I know aren’t they the cutest! I don’t see them a lot but usually at Christmas.

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