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Gnomes, Fairies, Goblins … oh my!… Part 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on July 25, 2011

If you haven’t visited the blog or Facebook page for ImaginationDoors you are missing out on a magical experience. Just like the Gniffer’s Gnomes I posted in Part 1 I have no idea how I discovered these wonderful fairy doors. But… I am so happy I did and have been able to think of another excuse idea on how to use a fairy door in my speech therapy room. The blue door below is going to my speech room and the yellow one is now located in Brooke’s bedroom along with the fairy wand.

First here is some information on Fairy Doors by Imagination Doors:

Stephen McEwen is the creator of these magical doors. He lives in New Zealand with his family.
1. How long have you made these and how did you get started? He started about 16 months ago. At first he made a little tea party in the back garden and it kinda grew from there. Made a couple for our daughters and then for friends and then more and more….

2. Is this your full time job? Steve’s fulltime job is as a builder and he is based in Titahi Bay, just north of Wellington (New Zealand).

3. What should we know about Fairies and your doors? Fairies will abandon a door if they feel neglected. The best way to look after fairies is to bring them small gifts. If a fairy feels neglected and leaves their home, a Goblin may move in instead. Goblins are known to create mischief (like stealing socks and turning gloves inside out) but are kinda cute as well. There are lots of different types of fairies. There are also pixies which are much smaller than Fairies.

4. Anything else you would like to share with my readers? Our goal is to help stimulate the development of imagination. There are many ways children can interact with Fairy doors.

As you can see by the answers above Stephen has his own lovely fairy (Karin) who helps him often!

Fairies and Fairy Doors in Speech Therapy:
As I mentioned in Part 1 I am on summer vacation. The ideas listed are my summer brainstorms and will be tested once school begins this fall. I am changing schools and will be working with pre-3rd grade. My plan is to create a variety of theme units and use these as a way to work on my students’ needs. I have started going through my materials, looking at apps, on-line ideas and of course the dollar store for items that will work. I am using storage boxes to keep everything together. Here are some of my ideas for fairies… I know once I start working with the kids they will inspire more!

1. Check out this wonderful blog site which has lots of ideas- The Magic Onions

2. Web sites: Disney ; Find out your fairy name ; Coloring Pages ; Fairy Activities ; Crafts ;

3. A great source for fairy ideas can be found at Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane

4. Types of fairies

5.  I plan on having my students write notes and leave them in the fairy door. I will either write back or have co-workers do this. I plan on typing up the fairy notes using a small fairy like font and cutting the note down to fairy size. I think using a magnifying glass might add some fun to reading these notes.

A note about the following apps– I searched for free apps and most of these were free at the time. I did a limited test run and these are the ones I kept.

6. Gnome Apps for iPad/iTouch:  Touch ‘n Learn with Garden Gnome;   Gnome Stack- free;  Gnome with me Free;  Gnonstop Gnomes- free;  Gnome it;  Gnome RushTontii HD-Book;  Smurfs

7. Fairy Apps for iPad/iTouch: Disney Fairies Fly-lite;  Fairy Princess Dress Up-Lite;  Talking Tinker bell;  The Fairies;  A Quest for Good Manners;  A Fairy Forest Pad;  Fairy Match;  Faerie Switch;  Fairy Princess Dress Up-HD;  Thumbelina for iPhone;  Fairy Tales Puzzles for kids;  Freakatars Creature Creator;  Elves and Shoemaker;  Happy Reading;  Peter Pan;  Tinker Bell and Friends;  Thumbelina- Hans Christian AndersenThumbelina Interactive;  Finger Fairy 3D HD Free

I hope you have been inspired by these fairy ideas. Please post comments and other ideas to expand on this theme. My next post will be about a gnome home that I made with Brooke’s help. It turned out so cute. I should be able to make them with the kids in school too!

Other Materials: No matter where I am I have always shopped with my SLP therapy eye these are some things I have found:

Gnome Bowling- on clearance at Jo-Ann's

Tiny Clay Flowers found at an art fair

Musical Card

Tree found at Creative Kidstuff store

Stone sign found on clearance at Jo-Ann's

Books dollar store and my home

Books from Books R for kids and clearance at book store

Dollar store finds

More clearance books

Fun clearance finds

Ad from newspaper- cut out the gnome for a fun room decoration etc.


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