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New Homes for Me and My Gnomes

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on July 26, 2011

First… My new home: I am changing schools this fall. I will be at one school with pre-3rd grade four days a week and one day at a junior high school.  I know this will help get my spark reignited. I enjoyed the kids (4th-6th grades) and staff at the school I’m leaving but it was time to make a change. So I will be making a new home starting this fall. In the mean time I have been trying to organize my materials into theme units and it is a mess in my home office right now. Plus most of my materials at my old school were boxed and moved to my new school awaiting my arrival at the end of August.  I purchased some boxes from Ikea and Target that were large enough to hold a variety of items but yet easy to carry between home and school. (I know I won’t have the space to store it all in my speech room.)  I am finding that some themes will need two boxes but I’m trying to hold it that (yeah Meester good luck with that)! Here are some of the boxed themes I have chosen as I went through my stuff:

  • Cowboys/Cowgirls/Western
  • Transportation
  • Fairy/Gnome
  • Castle
  • Farm
  • Zoo/Jungle
  • Animals
  • Pirate
  • Food (still working on how this will turn out)- Right now I have play food, books.puzzles…
  • Camping/Nature
  • A good resource for theme ideas Perkilou Products.  This is also a great inexpensive site to buy items- many of these are part of my theme boxes.
  • Another great resource  for ideas can be found on the blog Counting Coconuts – Mari- Ann was original from MN (just like me) but now live in Bermuda (so not like me)
  • I would like to buy items from Oriental Trading to fit with my themes once I get back to use my therapy budget instead of my own!
I’m waiting until I get to school to make more theme boxes as I know I have folders of items for each month, seasons etc. This is one reason I have not put permanent labels on the boxes yet. I’m anticipating some adjustment once I unbox all my stuff at school.
  • What is in my boxes? The best way I can describe it is a plethora whatever I had that fit a theme went into the box. This included stickers, books, games, toys, stuffed animals, picture cards, die cuts, cowboy shower curtain, cowboy toothbrush holder etc. I have already shared about this on my two of my earlier posts about  Gnomes, Fairies and Goblins … oh my! Part 1  Part 2 I will post more about each theme as I get closer to using them.
Second… Creating a Gnome home: So enough about my new school home and on to the Gnome home. I mentioned in Part 1  Part 2 posts that I had an idea to have my speech/language students create homes for gnomes as part of this unit. So with Brooke’s help we decided to try one and see if this would actually work out to use at school. I am happy to say YES!! We had a fun time creating the Gnome home and it turned out so cute!
  • Materials:
  • Box- mine was from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts
  • Nature items- mine were collected from my yard and a trip to a friend’s cabin- You could also use artificial leaves, etc
  • Glue or ModPodge or Glue gun
  • newspaper or covering for your work surface
  • Optional- Clips to hold some items flat- I used these to help with some of the birch bark


nature items


  • Steps
  • 1. Place your nature items in your box (dry fit) and arrange any way it would please a gnome (or you)
  • 2. Glue them and clip if necessary
  • 3.  Finish gluing items on the outside of the box (mine has a lid that I did not cover and will use as a stand)

  • 4. There’s Gnome Place Like Gnome
  • I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer whether you are working or not.  Please leave comments, ideas or suggestions.  

11 Responses to 'New Homes for Me and My Gnomes'

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  1. Dina Peters said,

    Cindy, This is great information! 🙂 LOVE the little gnomes! How very cute! Have a great year at your new school!


    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Dina! I am so looking forward to it but still don’t want the summer to go by too fast!

  2. Nancy Barth said,

    This is so clever!

    I covered my theme boxes with pictures related to the theme.

    • Cindy said,

      I like this idea too. Now with my iPad 2 and new printer I can take a picture which makes it so much easier!

  3. you are amazingly creative 🙂

    • Cindy said,

      Thank you! I think of myself as resourceful and able to pull ideas from others and mix it up to fit my needs.

  4. Cassidy Hahn said,

    How & what are your darling gnomes made? What age range would you do this project with at work?

    • Cindy said,

      I got my gnomes from Gniffer’s Gnomes which you can find on Facebook. I talked about Jennifer the creator on my Part 1 post. They are felted and so cute! I am not planning on making these with kids in therapy but we may some using clothes pins.

      • Cassidy Hahn said,

        Thank you for the reply Cindy. Guess I missed part 1… So much to do and so little time. Really enjoy your blog and posts on SLPeeps. Good luck with your new setting. :o) Cassidy

      • Cindy said,

        I know it seems that we are often running in circles. I think we need to stop and dance once in awhile!

  5. […] to make a Gnome home for herself after helping me with mine. (See the last two posts: Part 1 Part 2)  So we headed back to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts for a box. She chose a heart shaped medium sized […]

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