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Brooke’s Gnome Home

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on August 6, 2011

Brooke (5) wanted to make a Gnome home for herself after helping me with mine. (See the last two posts: Part 1Part 2)  So we headed back to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts for a box. She chose a heart-shaped medium-sized cardboard box. We used left over birch bark, moss, lichens and pinecones from the Gnome home I posted about in my last two posts.

This time Brooke added helicopter seeds from super nana’s tree. (I am Nana and we call her Great Grandma “Super” Nana.)  These were still very green but a few had pinkish tips that Brooke claimed were “just perfect.” She also wanted to use a giant pine cone on top but the asked me to break it up for shingles…creative genius (from my side of the family). The “deer fur” was especially exciting for Brooke (see the white hairy stuff sticking up. Shhh don’t tell her it’s really a chunk of dog hair.  Then she added three fake tiny flowers and voila!!

The rocks can be used as a front step or welcome mat for each home. I think I will use a paint marker and write on the rocks. Any suggestions for what it should say? Gnome Place like Gnome… send me  other ideas!

The resident gnome will be Kinder Garden Gnome and will help Brooke adjust to starting kindergarten this fall. Like she says it’s ok to be shy and you can just listen and not talk right away. I think her gnome will whisper reassuring and encouraging messages as she begins this new adventure. Thanks Jennifer at Gniffer’s Gnome for helping bridge this next step.

A note about these box Gnome Homes- It started out as an experiment and turned into something quite sweet. I was initially going to leave a space on the box so the cover could be put back on but it left too much uncovered and looked unfinished. The covers have made excellent stands for the boxes instead. You could add a ribbon or decorations around the edge of the cover but I kinda like it as is. The materials we used were all found on the ground in the woods or our lawns. So my cost was only for the glue (apx 4.00) and boxes ($1 each). I did see moss and other nature items for sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts. It doesn’t take much to cover these small boxes. We did not cover the bottoms and only part way down the sides.

I will be making these with my students in speech therapy sessions this school year. I think I can even have them take a nature walk and collect leaves or what ever might be close to the school. I have lots of moss growing around my house this year so I will pull some more up. I do want to get some acorn caps and twigs to add to my bag of “nature.”  I will have the kids either draw a paper gnome to cut out or color a small clothes pin as a gnome. What a great way to work on following directions, vocabulary, and taking turns.


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