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Pump up your “frumpies”

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on August 11, 2011

I don’t know about you but there are times that I feel well… frumpy. It can be caused by a variety of things like thinking about my age, my clothes or my hair. I’m guessing that I am not alone in this feeling. I can be going along just fine and then catch a glimpse in the mirror or see a photo of myself and WHOMP the Frumpies arrive.  I’m not someone who dwells on this or becomes depressed or runs out and buys a self-help video but it did make me think about perceptions.

What we see in the mirror is not always what others see. We often have false perceptions about ourselves. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for me as it may get me to try to improve either my “look” or better yet my attitude. Easy? Not always. My school district once had a motivational speaker, Keith Harrell who talked about “Attitude is everything.” He had many attitude quotes but the one that stuck with me was about not letting anyone “steal your joy.” Not only did he provide a fun entertaining start to my school year he also acknowledged all the Speech Language Pathologists in the audience. Keith asked all the SLPs to stand and thanked us. Wow! As a child he stuttered and received speech therapy and wanted to show his appreciation to all of us in the profession. Now that does not happen well like ever for SLPs.  I still have his Tune Up cards and will place it above my desk at my new school this year. Unfortunately Keith died in October 2010 after a battle with spinal cancer but I know his positive attitude lives on with me and others he touched.

So frumpy is ok as long as you use it to motivate you in a positive way. “Pump up your attitude” is another quote from Keith.  So I try my best to choose my attitude, put my smile back in place and think about the positives I’ve gotten from friends, family, blog readers and strangers.

“Frumpy” happens in therapy too. As I packed up for my move to my new school it gave me time to really look over my materials and activities.  I have used some of them for over the 30+ years and it was time to evaluate their use. I created toss,  re-use  and re-purpose piles and will do it again when I unpack this month.  There were “frumpy” items I had got tired of using but often they were new to the kids in therapy sessions. So how can you turn that “frumpy” activity into something new for yourself and “pump up your attitude”……

So dust off the Candy Land Game* and turn that “frumpy” activity into something new! I like to ask the kids how else we could play it or what else we could do with it. There have been very some novel ideas for my “frumpy” activities. For example since I’m talking about Candy Land here are some ideas from me and the kids I worked with-

  1. 1. Put out several cards from the game face up, study them then take one away while the others close their eyes…what’s missing?
  2. 2. Use the game pieces to work on basic concepts (next to, under, etc) and place them around the room
  3. 3. Use 3 or more of the picture game cards and make up a story you can even include the game pieces as part of the story
  4. 4. Add other items or cards to the above activities to target skills; articulation pictures, vocabulary pictures etc.
  5. 5. Of course keep playing it the same if it is helping to reach your goals with kids like turn taking, learning colors, counting and just knowing how to play a board game. Just “pump up your attitude” and play it through your kids eyes.
  6. 6. Other ideas for this game or any other? Send them my way!
(* insert any of your  own”frumpy” activities)

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  1. I like using Guess who and only using one board and having the students work together to figure out what person I have. It makes it easier for kids playing for the first time (and also shortens the game).

    I also use the board and take turns describing people and putting the person down. Find someone with blond hair. Find someone who has glasses and a beard. Its a good way to see if they have the vocab and is easier for younger kids.

    • Cindy said,

      That’s a great idea for Guess Who. I also found pictures to add to the game from the Hasbro site-

  2. Dina Peters said,

    Love your blog posts! 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement to de-frump! 🙂

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Dina! I love both your sites too. I am planning on ordering some more of your materials to go with my theme units. But first I need to see which ones I already have purchased.

  3. Laura said,

    I will often let each child put a sticker or two on the gameboard path. The child decides what the bonus or penalty will be should someone land on “their” spot.


    • Cindy said,

      Great idea! I love how inventive kids can be.

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