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Time to Cover Up

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on October 20, 2011

It’s fall and in Minnesota it means chilly weather is starting and colder weather is on the way. So we start to cover up air conditioners, plants, boats, and eventually ourselves. But today my post is about covering your iPads and a way to use a cover up theme in therapy.

I have been lucky. I have either won or had developers send me cases for my iPads. I wrote about iBallz in a previous post. They have recently updated their design and sent me a new one. I use this case on my iPad2 for easy access on and off.

I use Gripcase on my original iPad. This is the one the kids in therapy get to use the most. I like how light the case is and how easy it is to carry. The kids think it’s cool. I received mine as a promo from the developer. I have lots of people interested in this fun foam case. In fact staff in our assistive technology department have ordered some to use on the iPads they use with students. If you are looking for a fun colorful lightweight case this could be the one for you. It has proven to protect my iPad when little hands have dropped it. The cost of 39.99 is also easy on your wallet along with a variety of color choices. I am seriously thinking of ordering one for my iPad 2.

I won another case that I use on my iPad 2. I’m not a fan of its name but it has lots of ways to use it. It is called MountMe. I have used the suction cups and attached it to a cabinet in my speech room. I place my iPad here when I want to be hands free. My students can sit in front and take turns without needing to pass the iPad. I can sit behind or next to them and help direct the session. I can turn it vertical or horizontal quickly. It has an easy way to take it off and leave the main mount on the cabinet. This leaves the iPad in a hard case which can also be removed. I personally have to struggle some to remove the hard case. It is easy to pop into the hard case but harder to remove. There are other ways to use this case but having it on my cabinet has worked the best for my needs. If you check out the website you can view all the ways to use this case. The cost is 49.99 or 54.99 and other accessories are available.

So thinking of covering up got me brainstorming ways to incorporated this “theme” into therapy sessions. Here are a few ideas. I think I’ll call it “The Big Cover Up”…..

1. Bring in different covers, caps and lids from jars, bottles, cartons, etc.
-You can compare sizes, shapes, textures, colors, and place into groups.
-Guess the container the cover it belongs on. You can take a photo or print one off the Internet. You could even glue the answer on one side of the cover.

2. Collect pictures of hats and caps- talk about who wears them (police, chef) or where they wear them (outside, in winter, baseball game) of course this could lead to the classic book Caps For Sale.

3. Make a collage or sculpture using the caps, lids and covers you collected

4. What are items we use as cover ups? jackets, snow pants (well some of us), blankets, beach towels, table cloths, tarps, leaves (how fun to cover up and jump out), lids on pots, dirt in a hole, snow on the ground (well again some of us) or sand on a beach. What else can you brainstorm? Can you think of something for each letter in the alphabet?

5. Here is a bingo game I created using Custom Boards. The game is played by giving clues for each item such as; This is something that falls on the ground (snow). There are four Bingo cards- print one for each player and print one extra to cut apart and use for the calling cards. Bingo 1, Bingo 2, Bingo 3, Bingo 4 (The dog on the card is mine, Miki. She is sporting googlie eyes created with the Googlies app.)

Apps for the Big Cover Up theme-
1. Googlies a fun .99 cent app that lets you put googlie eyes on photos
2. Pirate Ninja– this app lets you turn people into ninjas and pirates for .99 cents
3. Hatch Free As you crack eggs you can make guesses on what is inside for .99 cents
4. Wipe and Learn Erase each picture slowly and guess what is covered up for a cost of .99 cents
5. Swapsies for iPad Swapsies for iPhone+ This app lets you cover up a boy with different outfits- police, firefighter, etc. Another .99 cent app
6. Faces iMake-lite You can cover up faces with food and other fun items- .99 cents
7. Lil iSculpt Chip away at the stone and see what you uncover- .99 cents

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  1. Sandy said,

    I’d be interested in getting new posts of this blog.

    • Cindy said,

      You can sign up to have posts sent to your email. I can’t do it for you. Look for the link that says follow. 🙂

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