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So Much 2 Say

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on November 2, 2011

I wanted to share an app I have used recently. First you need to know that I was gifted this from the developer which I try not to influence me when doing a review.  But I do really like this one!

So Much 2 Say


This was designed to be used as an iPad AAC picture communication app that is specifically for individuals with multiple disabilities. Eric and Kirsten Ferguson developed this app to help both of their daughters who are multiply disabled, with cognitive, language, and motor impairments.

I was able to program this app easily. You can use the small picture library provided or add your own photos. This is the part I liked the best. I am a speech language pathologist and work with a range of disabilities in children. I used this app as part of my therapy sessions. I was able to add photos that were pertinent to my students. I could take photos with the iPad camera or copy ones from the internet. I then created folders for specific students that I could pull up and use in our sessions.  The app lets you record your voice on each picture. I can have my students record the label for the picture or even a sentence. One group had used  News-2-You and learned about Natural Wonders. I was able to copy pictures from the internet depicting Old Faithful, Niagara Falls, a volcano and the Grand Canyon and add them to the app. The students were able to say a word or sentence for each one in their own voices. They loved it and it met their IEP needs too!   Today I walked around the school with a student from our autism program and we took pictures of the gym, lunch room and more. We went back to my room and I added these pictures into the app. Now he has his own folder to learn the vocabulary and practice saying the words.   This app has been very easy to use and has great potential in my sessions as a therapy tool.

Now as an augmentative communication device it is simple without all the bells and whistles as compared to some other apps. But this does not mean it isn’t useful. Take Sam for example. I worked with Sam all through out his elementary years. At the time I was training a service dog for Helping Paws and Gabby was a great motivator for Sam. When I worked with Sam we were trying to get more sounds into his speech.  He could practice his /g/ by throwing a ball and saying, “Go get it Gabby.”  Well Sam is now almost 18 and in high school. He still loves dogs and his present SLP has a therapy dog (with its own dog blog),  to help motivate and work with students.  But Sam is past working on learning how to  say the “g’ sound.  He is now working on being more independent and enjoying community events just like any other high school student. He also wants to order a hamburger and have the server understand him without having to rely on his family to interpret his wants and needs. I met with Sam’s mom this week to talk about cases for iPads. They were able to use waiver money to purchase an iPad. It will be used to help him order his hamburger, work out at the health club, understand his schedule and more within his home and community settings. I was able to show her the So Much 2 Say app and we looked at it through Sam’s eyes. It is a good  fit for him.  The bonus is his mom won’t need to carry around a baggie full of pictures anymore. The camera in the iPad will enable the family to take pictures “on the go” and add them into the app immediately. For 24.99 this is a perfect fit for Sam and his family.  You “go get” your hamburger Sam!

So Much 2 Say is Available from iTunes

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  1. thpeech said,

    Great review as usual, Cindy! Really end up purchasing many of my apps because of your very detailed and honest reviews! Mahalo nui!
    Aloha! Henie

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