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Missing events…. bummer

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on November 20, 2011

Has that ever happened to you? An important date sneaks right past you!

Event 1: Well it happened to me…again. Not a big deal and a gift or card weren’t expected or even necessary. See it was my blogs anniversary and I’m sure it wasn’t too upset that I didn’t give it an extra post in October.  Here’s a little background on how it all began…. A few years ago I found a site called Backflip. It allowed you bookmark websites and put them into categories. You could access your favorites from any computer. Then one day it crashed and never recovered. So I lamented and searched for other options.  I had been following Jill Kuzma‘s WordPress site and decided if this great MN SLP could do it so could I! I jumped in and clicked here and there and inserted the website links I had from backflip.  Then I realized I could write words of wisdom or  in my case rambling thoughts.

Looking back on my first posts I see that I just kept writing on the same post page oh such a neophyte I was. As I grew in my understanding and actually read some of the WordPress tutorials (who knew directions help) I soon changed my ways.  Now I guess I am a “true” blogger or so I’ve been told. In my mind I’m just a “sharerer.”  So happy belated anniversary to my blog and sorry about your name. I should have not named you after me maybe something more catchy like Communication Happenings or  Welcome to My Word. Oh well you are stuck with Cindy L. Meester’s Blog at least you’re not a junior!

Event 2:  ASHA… This is my national speech conference. And this year it is in San Diego..warm sunny CA.  I just couldn’t afford the cost and neither could my school so I wait to hear from others who are there this week.  Enjoy!

In the meantime while you are enjoying the speakers, meeting colleagues, and visiting the  booths here is what I’ve  up to …..

I use a 3:1 model which allows me three weeks of direct therapy followed by an indirect week. This past week was my indirect week or as I like to call it my collaboration week. It gives me an open schedule to observe students in settings outside of the speech room, meet with teachers, set up interventions, and so much more. As I told my principal I often forget to schedule in a lunch…this time I did. This week  I also like to do a whole classroom lessons. The turkey luminary was one of the lessons I did this week. I also did a robot lesson and a jellyfish lesson which I’ll post later.

Turkey Luminary – I made these with the students in one of our autism classrooms. I can’t take credit for the craft. The directions can be found at Family Fun.

Here’s what you need- Lunch bag, tissue paper, brown paper, beans (to weigh the bag down)  and battery tea light- The only things I bought were the tea lights  and beans. I found all at the dollar store so the project cost very little. The other supplies were in our supply room at school.

  1. Cut a circle towards the bottom of the bag (use the non seam side). I used the inside of a masking tape roll as my guide. I cut these out due to time and student skills.
  2. Cut a bigger circle from white tissue paper and glue over the hole. I used the outside of the maskingtape roll as my guide. I also had these cut out before we started.
  3. Use other colors of tissue paper to cut feathers and glue around the circle. I had some cut but we let the students cut too and helped those who needed more support.

I used the app Making Sequences to create a 5 part sequence for the students to use before we made the project. I also printed out the pictures so they had a visual as we worked on the project. Concepts to target included: around, first, next, over, bottom, middle, top, requesting supplies, more, all done, open, inside, outside, etc.  These are the pictures I used for the sequence: Turkey Luminary Pictures

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Katie said,

    I remember your old site!! Yes blogging takes some learning. THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE! HA! So glad you are blogging too…love all the links and info you provide. 🙂

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks! Your blog is great too. I still have a lot to learn.

  2. Denise said,

    I noticed you use an IPAD, just curious, did you school district pay for that or is it your own personal IPAD?

    • Cindy said,

      I received my original iPad through a grant that is supported by a Foundation in my district. My iPad 2 I bought myself through a great deal on Craig’s list. The guy selling it (under cost) had won it at a conference and did not need it. My school district just ordered iPads for all the SLPs and they should arrive soon!

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