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Speech Treats

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on December 1, 2011

Using reward charts, treats and prizes as part of speech sessions can be controversial topic and discussions often pop up on Facebook and other sites. Personally I have stopped using sticker charts and prizes a couple of years ago. It happened unintentionally and when I realized not one student had asked about charts, prizes or treats I was ok with it too. I still look at student needs and use different incentives when necessary. This has included eating lunch together or playing a game of their choice. The biggest motivator has been my iPads. I know this is not an option for everyone due to cost but it has breathed new life and fun into my therapy sessions.

There is one app that might help motivate your students not costing you any more than 4.99. This app is called Speech Treats. I received this app free from the developer to review and share with my blog readers.  There are 12 kid characters and six animal characters. The 21 treats are photographs of a variety of food items ranging from cookies, pizza, dog bones, etc. When the adult touches the green button the character will “eat” a treat placed in its mouth. If the red button is touched the treat is rejected and the character states “Try again, you’ll get it.”  If you would rather not have the character talk you will need to use the iPad volume control. I look at multiple ways I can use any therapy material including apps. So not only can I use this app as a motivator or reinforcement here are other options I think will work too.

  1. Vocabulary- label the food items
  2. Attributes/Describing- find a fruit, find something cold, find something hard/soft, crunchy, juicy, etc.
  3. Directions/Concepts- find the treat under the grapes, next to, over, etc.
In talks with Sara Dublin the developer we have talked about adding more food items and  having the ones “eaten” replaced by new items. I suggested adding items like worms or bugs to add the “gross” effect which many kids enjoy. I also asked about moving the green/red buttons to the top of the app instead of the bottom and away from little fingers. Developers welcome ideas and contacting them is one way to improve their apps or help them fix glitches. Posting an honest review on iTunes is also recommended for any app.
  • So if you want some speech treats in therapy sessions this cavity free app may be just what you need. If you would like to use charts then check out freebies posted on my blog under Awards and Sticker Charts.
The Speech Treats Therapy Box Set and iPad Application are fun and innovative reinforcement games guaranteed to make kids learn, laugh and play.  They are intended to aid in the remediation of articulation impairments, as well as receptive and expressive language difficulties.  They are valuable speech-language therapy tools that will have a positive impact on children’s speech and language development.  These games will prompt children to monitor and self-correct their speech and language errors and are a great way to introduce any intervention goal to the child’s therapy session.  The Speech Treats products were designed by Ms. Sara Dublin, M.Sc., S-LP (C) an accredited Speech-Language Pathologist.  She developed the product during her graduate studies and has used it with countless children with speech and language difficulties.  The benefits of the game were seen immediately.  Sara noticed that it enhanced the quality of the therapy session and the children became engaged and motivated to accomplish their speech and language goals.  After graduate studies, Sara continued using the SpeechTreats Therapy Box with her clients all the while encountering parents asking where they could purchase the game and other Speech-Language Pathologists requesting to borrow it. Realizing that no such speech/language tool was on the market, Sara decided to mass produce and market the Speech Treats Therapy Box Set and its companion App version with the help of her sister. Since its launch in 2011, the feedback has been extremely positive.  Speech Treats products have been tried and tested with continuous success!
The Speech Treats Therapy Box and App specialize in facilitating the learning of children with special needs such as:
• Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)
• Apraxia, Specific Language Impairment (SLI),
• Articulation/ Phonological Disorders, Receptive/ Expressive Language Delay, and children with feeding issues
These games are recommended for:
• Speech-Language Pathologists, SLP assistants, Auditory-Verbal Therapists
• Psychologists, Psycho-Educators, Occupational Therapists
• Teachers, Educators
• Parents, and anyone working with children with special needs
telephone #:  1-877-650-6667

Website :

If you do not have an iPad then check out Sara’s Speech Treats Therapy Box session which can be viewed on You Tube from the following link:  

Now if you are looking to REALLY cook up some speech snacks check out this blog Cooking Up Good Speech which is inspiring families to help their children speak well and eat well!

This gets me hungry for a new theme! Since I have many different cultures at my school I am not doing a lot of Christmas activities. So maybe I’ve talked myself into a “Food Frenzy” theme instead! I may find this theme to be too fattening so stay tuned…….


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  1. Doris lemanski said,

    So about that chocolate box……

    • Cindy said,

      Oh yes my chocolate box is always open for my wonderful co-workers! We all need little perks and some days you may need a two fisted perk from the box!

  2. Katie said,

    Awesome Cindy! UUgghhh you make me want an iPad even more every time I read your blog!! HA!

    I’m pinning this 😉

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