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So who likes giveaways??!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on January 12, 2012

Does this even need to be a question? Of course we like giveaways… the thrill of typing your name in and the possibility of getting something free is well breathless!  Well I say we need to celebrate this new year and my birthday with a giveaway! My birthday is the same day as the distinguished Dr Martin Luther King Jr. so I always get a day off. I tell the kids at school it is because it is my birthday and aren’t they lucky they know me. Well this usually doesn’t work but this year I’m at a school with K-3rd graders so I think my chance of having believers is much better. No disrespect to Dr. King- I do always clue in the kiddos…eventually.  Oh and never mind how old I am because I look much much younger and you would be very surprised at my true age. Actually I always forget how old I am and ask my husband because having to do math is so not an SLP thing but now science…. ok ok so I digress. I did start working in the field as an SLP before you needed your masters and I worked for 7 years before deciding to go back to college and get it. Did I tell you I had a toddler and an infant at home then and drove over an hour one way to get to graduate classes? I won’t even tell you what I carried in my back pack! Oh what, you want to know about the giveaway?  Why am I doing this? Well…(sorry we are almost there) I have been very lucky winning things in contests like a big wooden cube that is now in our motor room at school, iTune cards, an iTouch, and some other stuff. And  I just won an iPad from Tj & Pals facebook giveaway (sorry Genie I know how hard you have been trying!) Finding a dollar in the parking lot after a long night of conferenes and then a quarter in the hallway, being an EdBlog finalist and having it talked about in Points of Pride at the school board meeting and more! I want to pass along some of my luck to you. No I’m not giving away my iPad! How about some app codes instead!

Here’s the deal- I have 5 codes for the Articulate it! app from Smarty Ears. Look back on my posting here for some information on the app. You can also read more about the app in action on the Smarty Ears website. There was just an update this week too! All you need to do is leave a comment about anything or nothing. I will do a random drawing on Saturday 1/14/12.

Oh there is one catch…you know the fine print…. all I ask is you do something nice for someone else. Hold a door, carry someone’s bag, smile, wish them happy birthday, pick up the gum wrapper that missed the trash can, pay my taxes (ok I tried to slip that in but nevermind!) or any small gesture to make someone smile.


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  1. Melodee Owens said,

    You are so blessed! I’ve never won anything. Except for a coloring contest in first grade, but I guess that’s based on skill…so I’m due for a lucky win! : )

  2. Gretchen W said,

    I just found your blog and love love love it. I am in my last yr of my masters so your blog is so insightful and helpful!!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Mary Alice McQuade said,

    Love the kindness twist, and would love the app!

  4. Ruth said,

    Thanks for the generous offer! Looks like a nice app!

    • Cindy said,

      You’ve won!!! Congrats!

  5. Valerie said,

    You are one lucky lady! Here’s hoping I’m one too!

  6. AmyHaave said,

    I love your blog. I am an SLP working in a SNF setting, but I volunteer one day a week in our local elementary school due to an extreme shortage of SLPs in our city. I would love to win your app!

  7. Grace said,

    Oh, I’ve been eyeing this app for my son who is speech delayed. Thanks for the chance to win it. Here’s to kindness everywhere!
    A Small Thing Can Change the World –

  8. Marie said,

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for your great blog.

  9. Rachel said,

    Just heard about your blog and I LOVE it!! Thanks for all the great info!!

  10. Susan said,

    Your graduate school experience was similar to mine. Remember when it was necessary to travel to classes? Thanks for sharing with whoever wins.

  11. Lindsey said,

    Happy early birthday! 🙂

  12. Kellie said,

    Please enter me in the drawing!

    • Cindy said,

      You won!

  13. Christy said,

    Count me in on the fun! Hope you have a wondeful birthday and a great day off!

  14. mayutlk said,

    thank you for doing this – and reminding us to be kind to one another!
    enjoyed the humor, also.

  15. Shannon Giles said,

    I would love to win! Love your blog too!

  16. Sarah Wright said,

    Awesome blog!

  17. Wendi Adkins said,

    Hi Cindy,

    I’m new to your blog, and I really enjoy your comments. Keep up the great work!

  18. Stephanie said,

    I came across your blog on Pinterest and LOVE IT!!! I understand graduate school bags with toddler toys and misfits! lol

  19. Ashley said,

    Happy Birthday!

  20. Nicole said,

    Way to pay it forward! It’s all about the little things. Your blog is such a great resource btw 🙂

  21. Chelsea said,

    I’m so happy I came across your blog!

  22. Mary said,

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a relaxing day off. I am slowly building up my app library on my iPad and would love to add this to my collection!

  23. Dana said,

    If I could be so lucky!!! You blog has been a great resource and go-to for many different activities and strategies. Thank you!

  24. barb said,

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ll cross my fingers to see if it will help me win!

  25. Mary said,

    I drove an hour and a half each way to grad school while I was working in a school. I went to school when I was pregnant, and finished up the semester after I had my oldest, so I know exactly what you’re talking about!

  26. Rose said,

    Thanks for the app offer Cindy! I’d love to win this and use with my speech kiddos!!

  27. Carol said,

    Happy Birthday Hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you, Cindy! That’s my anniversary, #31. My wonderful husband got an Ipad for me for Christmas but I don’t know which apps to go for yet, so this one would be a nice first for me! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Micala Andreassen said,

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! ~Micala

    • Cindy said,

      Congrats! You are a bubcap winner!

  29. Patti Bohlman said,

    Happy Birthday early. I am a bit younger than you. The year I started undergrad we knew we had to get our Masters. Glad I didn’t have to go back to school. I would love articulate it. I would love more Smarty Ears apps for my therapy.

  30. Tom said,

    Happy birthday. Thanks for the day off.

  31. Laura said,

    Great blog! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Kim Scharoff said,

    Thanks for sharing.

  33. cjmonty said,

    From one blog writer to another, some people will do anything to get comments. Just joking! Happy Birthday. It seems like a lot of us went back to school to get that masters after children and we already were working in the field. I guess that is why we have that conquer all attitude.

  34. Emily H said,

    Saw your post on the SLPeeps facebook group 🙂

  35. Maryann Potts said,

    I have the app, so I don’t need to be entered into the giveaway. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Cindy, and Thank You for your blogs and all the wonderful insights you offer so generously! Love the “Pay It Forward” message!~Maryann

  36. Genie Ruddle said,

    Now I don’t even know if Articulate It is just for the iPad, which I think it is and that’s why I never bought it…I would definitely keep it in iTunes until my lucky day comes! My guess, however, if I would be randomly selected, people would think the give-away could be rigged because you are “try this iPad contest” person…I know several of my families have Articulate and love it!
    Mahalo nui for continuing to post such enjoyable things in your blog! Hau’oli la hanau a little early to you!!! Aloha!

  37. Amy G said,

    I’m a new follower, I feel like I’m a little behind in the technology area. This app would be a great way to get me using technology in my therapy sessions. I know the kids would love it. Thanks

  38. Tricia said,

    Have a great birthday! It is my birthday on Martin Luther King Day as well.
    May we both be blessed with another year of good health, good friends and good times!
    Enjoy the day & thanks for the chance at the free app!

    • Cindy said,

      Congrats! You won a bubcap pack!!! And Happy Birthday too!

  39. jessica said,

    please enter me in the drawing too! thanks cindy!!

  40. Christine said,

    What a cool idea for a giveaway!

  41. Lauren McCulley said,

    Math is hard. Physics-major-turned-SLP….

  42. debra kerner said,

    I hope someone else pays it forward. I just want to wish you a very happy birthday Cindy and to thank you for all of your inspiring words and help. I love reading your blog!! Thank you and have a great day!!!

    • Cindy said,

      You are a code winner! Congrats!!!

  43. Tea said,

    Great idea! Would really love to try this.

  44. Marcia said,

    My birthday is also the 15th of January. Nice to share it with other SLPs.

  45. Tracey said,

    Wow, what a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity. Happy early birthday, Cindy!

  46. Ashley said,

    Happy Early Birthday! Thanks for always providing such great information for SLPs!

  47. Kari said,

    This is the first time I have ever responded to a blog. Keep up the good words.

  48. Brandy said,

    It’s my birthday today. Happy early birthday to you!

  49. nicky said,

    Thank-you for your blog. I too went back into education after having my children. I’m training to become an SLT, full time, and its really hard but so rewarding xx

  50. Marilyn said,

    Happy Birthday 😉 I am a speech pathologist too. I LOVE my iPad and would love to win an artic app! Thank you for the chance.

  51. AMY said,

    I love your blog! I am an SLP in MT! Thanks for the inspiration.

  52. Melissa said,

    Thanks for linking your blog to your Facebook profile. In my hectic schedule, I never realized you had a blog and I’m excited to continue to read it in the future! I’m a graduate SLP student in my last semester and am already using Smarty Ears apps with my clients! Thanks so much!

    • Cindy said,

      Congrats! You won a bubcap pack!

  53. Meg said,

    I would love articulate it. Tomorrow morning I will lead the PK-and K kids in song at church with a message of acceptance of all.

  54. Meg said,

    BTW, i have been using WH questions and love it. Also, on my wish list is “Is That Silly.” Thanks!

  55. Carla Oldham said,

    Happy Early Birthday – Enjoy the day off – Remember you are not getting older – you are getting wiser, sexier and closer to luxury time!

    Blog is great – enjoy reading!

    Love the chance for the article too!

  56. Wooohoooo! I love give-a-ways. Sorry, I can’t pay your taxes, but I will do something kind. 🙂 Thanks!

  57. Thanks so much for giving away some of your apps. My PTO just bought me an iPad so I am just beginning. Would love to try all of your apps but have to budget. Thanks for the chance!!!

  58. Carla Oldham said,

    Boy I can’t write! Love the chance for articulate it too! Thanks!

  59. Holly C said,

    I am so happy to have discovered you and Smarty Ears. I work with children in several different volunteer positions and am trying to set up an iPad with a wide range of apps to use with them.

  60. Laura E said,

    Congrats on the iPad! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  61. Great to find your blog. Lots of great info and links, bookmarked it for when I have more time to browse. Thanks for running this promo. Its a great chance for someone to win a great app.

  62. Tricia K said,

    Glad I found your blog as I am an SLP also. I love your pay-it-forward idea! 🙂

  63. Cassandra said,

    I have a coworker blessed like you…she is CONSTANTLY winning things. Big things – like trips, $500 apple store gift card, etc. She says “it’s a lifestyle”. 🙂 Yay for you and your winning streak. And Thank you for passing some of it along to others. I, too, am a speech-language pathologist. Fingers crossed!

  64. Connie Colson said,

    Enjoying all the information on your blog, and wondering if it’s my lucky day or not. Regardless of whether I win or not, I’ll continue to use and purchase Smarty Ears apps!

  65. Mandi said,

    Happy Birthday Cindy!! Mine was yesterday! I would love to win the Articulate app for my Pre-K kiddos at school!!! And yes, I do LOVE the thrill of entering my name in a giveaway and winning too 🙂

  66. Julie said,

    Love to have one of ur apps!!!!

  67. Dayna Strand said,

    I would love to be lucky enough to won this app!

  68. I also have to ask my husband how old I am. I know that I’m a year younger than he is 🙂 but that doesn’t do me much good if I can’t remember how old he is either. I will pay-it-forward regardless if I win 🙂

  69. Cody O said,

    Thank you for doing a giveaway! Just found your blog. Hope you like being part of Smarty Ears!

  70. Beth Johnson said,

    Hi Cindy. I’m hoping to win an app today!

  71. Sue Milford said,

    I have used up my months broadband download buying the smart ears apps to use with my hearing impaired children. They are just brilliant!

  72. Treva said,

    I would love to win this app!!! and Happy Birthday enjoy your day!!

  73. Jennifer Kiekhoefer said,

    I would love to have your luck! Let’s hope I do tomorrow. By the way…Happy Birthday!

  74. Danette Morgan said,

    *Please pick me! I would love to use Articulate it with my students. Thank you! 

  75. Treva said,

    I would love to win this app!! Happy Birthday hope you enjoy your day!!

  76. Beth said,

    I’ve been following your blog for a few years, nice to see you’ve joined the smarty ears team. I would love a code for articulate it.

    • Cindy said,

      You are a code winner! Congrats!!

  77. Meryl Harris said,

    I would love to use Articulate It in Speech Therapy! Hope you are having a nice weekend! Thanks for the opportunity! Go Broncos!

  78. pick me my son has autism & has articulation issues

    • Cindy said,

      Congrats! You won a bupcap pack!

  79. jen said,

    i would love to win this App!! i am a brand new SLP and have many kids who would benefit from this app!! thank you!

  80. Judy said,

    I love the smarty ears custom boards. Really easy to use and lots of practical applications. I would love to have the articulate it in my arsenal:). Have a great day, and choose me!!

  81. Christy said,

    Sounds like a great app and I enjoyed your blog post

  82. Elisabeth Perez said,

    Would love to try your app. 🙂

  83. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one!

    • Cindy said,

      You are a winner of a code!!

  84. Bobbi Mohn said,

    Appreciate free stuff especially when you’re a working family trying to do all we can to help our 4 yr old autistic little girl learn and achieve all she can in life. Early happy birthday as well. Wish I was off of work as well on MLK day!

  85. Christy Fleck said,

    I love it when app companies offer FREE apps! Free apps help therapists spread the wealth by allowing therapists to spend money on additional supplies to help individuals with communication disorders.

  86. carol said,

    Please enter me in this giveaway. I follow your blog and enjoy it very much.

    • Cindy said,

      Congrats! You won a bubcap pack!

  87. Erin Pickar said,

    I would love a code for articulate it! The school district I work in just supplied Ipads for 10 lucky SLPs and are asking us to find some good apps. I would love to try it out out and tell the other 9 SLPs with Ipads about it :-).

  88. Heather said,

    Love the blog! Apps are a great therapy tool !

  89. Courtney P said,

    This app looks awesome! Would love to use it with my brother and clients as well!!

  90. jiilly said,

    medial l is killing us. Can’t get his tongue up. So any app help is appreciated. Nice giveaway. Thx.

  91. Sonya said,

    Celebrate in style!

  92. Michelle McNutt said,

    If it is not to late, I Love giveaways!!! Free apps are wonderful, I do think you should buy some, too!!!, Please enter me!!!! Thank you for the generosity!

  93. latrisha lamanna said,

    Love your blog! Giveaways are always fun!

  94. Tom said,

    I follow the gospel according to Ellie Henry… Do unto others… Would love a code.

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