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We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you some random thoughts…

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on February 3, 2012
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Although people tell me I am organized they don’t realize that my brain is totally random and disorganized. So this post is about a few of the things I’ve been doing spontaneously with the help of my random firing brain cells!

Below are a few of my random moments- the road to them may be twisted but it usually gets me to a new therapy idea!

Random Moment #1

It was groundhog’s day and I decided we should play a game of bop the groundhog. I cut pictures of a groundhog and taped them onto my steppers from my EET kit. For some groups I gave directions like this:  blue, white or blue, white, green or blue, blue, white, white, green etc. You get it the idea. It was like playing the electronic Simon game minus the electronics. The rule was use one fist only. The kids also took turns giving directions. With some groups we played that you were out if you missed a direction and played until only one person was left.

I also used this with my articulation students.  We used the Articulate it! app and for each picture/word they bopped the groundhogs. So if the word was “dog” they bopped once on each groundhog while saying “dog” each time. If the word was “doughnut”  they bopped the syllables.  For some groups we jumped on the groundhogs instead of using our fists.

I can see this being expanded for days other than bopping groundhog day. You could do it with or without pictures on the circles. So take this idea and bop it out and make it your own!

Random Moment #2

I have a flying pig hanging in my therapy room. I found it at a thrift store (of course) and knew it would replace the paper pig with wings I had taped to my wall. I had put it up to remind my students that if they asked for something (candy, etc.) my answer would be “when pigs can fly.”  It always led to a quick figurative language lesson. So when I saw this cute popping pig at the autism shop in my neighborhood I knew it was meant to be in my therapy room. Besides flying pig was a little lonely. I use this new pig to work on concepts. You can see one of my students popping the ball “between” our cushion cubes. They can be popped “over, under, next to/beside, in the corner, on top, right, left, up, down” and so on.  I use this toy therapy tool to work on “my turn” with students in our autism classrooms. It was amazing how fast they started requesting when the pig was involved!  I have used it to “pop” articulation and vocabulary cards too. I’m sure you can take this idea and “pop” in some new ideas for your therapy sessions!

Random Moment #3

I also work in private therapy at the Speech and Language Connections clinic. The little guy I was working with wanted to play with a tub of wind-up toys. He has lots of energy and can be implusive at times. He is working on expanding his expressive language skills. So before he could take one of the items from the tub he had to describe them without touching them.  For example he would say I want the green one. I would say I see a green one with dots and a green one with a tail. Pretty soon he was providing  more details to get the item he desired “faster.” The activity we did with the items was dependent on what he picked. Some of the bugs could race each other (fast, slow, first, last, win, lose, etc.) while others could spin and we made comparisons. I’m sure you have a plethera of small objects that are just begging to be placed together in a container. Just think of all the fun in a tub you can have in your sessions!

Random Moment #4

Ok this is not really a therapy tool but it does show that I do have a clean office at home….sometimes. We  have been busy downsizing our stuff and getting ready to sell our home (hopefully). Our three boys are now grown and have all moved out (insert a tearful cheer) so the house is feeling a little too big plus now we don’t have anyone around to assign to bathroom duty, trash collecting or dishwasher unloading.  So here is a peek at what my home office looks like after cleaning it up.  You can see some before shots on one of my previous blog posts. I’m finding that an iPad has allowed me to purge many items.

My closet with theme boxes and therapy materials. My desk all clear…for now! And a pile of items looking for new homes.
 So although my brain may be cluttered with therapy ideas, due process dates, home stuff, family stuff and other stuff at least my office is clean of a lot of stuff……. for now. Now about my school office…… oh well.
I hope you post comments with some of your ideas. I love hearing about all the fun things everyone is doing.

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  1. hbslp said,

    LOVE all the great ideas Cindy! The pig popper toy looks like it would be popular with just about every kiddo on earth. I foresee great things with that!

    • Cindy said,

      Yes Pig Popper has become very “pop”ular! Some days I tell my students that he went on a vacation which leads to another fun therapy session! Where did he go? What is he doing? Who is he with? When will he be back? and more

  2. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who has random thoughts leading to great ideas! 🙂

    I’d love to add you to the “blogs we love” at the co-teaching blog my SLP friend and I are writing. Check us out at and shoot us an email to let us know if we can add your blog!
    ~Kelley & Orlanda

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Kelley! I’m all about sharing so feel free to add my blog to your list. Glad you liked it.

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