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Start your engines!

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on February 22, 2012
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Just a quick blog post about racing. I know there are many NASCAR fans and the big Daytona 500 is happening on 2/26. So I am doing a mini theme this week about car racing. Here are some resources to check out:

The News 2 You is a great resource for current events and includes lots of  information. This week the paper is all about the Daytona 500. I am using the paper with my students. I can open it in PDF notes-free or in Type on PDF-free. If I e-mail the pages I can even use them in Glow Coloring.

This app is so fun. It works on fine motor skills and problem solving skills. Draw Race costs 2.99. You chose the number of drivers (1-3) and the track layout. Each driver uses their finger to draw the path for their car around the track (5 laps). Once this is completed the race begins!

Daytona 500 History, Facts and activities

Cardboard tube racing:  Collect any size tubes from toilet paper, paper towels to the long tubes that craft paper for bulletin boards.

  1. Decorate the tubes- this can be a whole lesson on turn taking, collaboration, and so much more. I had students pick a race car pictures from the internet. These were cut out and glued to our tube.
  2. Set up a track- these could be taped to your door or a wall or even a large piece of cardboard- a great squencing activity! Since I am using one large tube we will be setting against a chair or the wall. This will be another problem for my students to solve and decide what works the best for racing.
  3. Decide on what you will use as your race cars. Could they be marbles, toy cars, pencils…? This will be another fun brainstorming activity to have the kids try!
  4. We will be racing against each other, doing time races with a stop watch and deciding how many “laps” or “heats” to complete.
  5. There are plenty of coloring pages – just do a quick internet search for car racing color pages
  6. Perkilou has an inexpensive tranportation game set with a speech raceway board Transportation set
  7. I created a memory game using Custom Boards from Smarty Ears. Print these nascar memory game and nascar memory game 2 on card stock  then turn over and print these on the back. You can use these cards to learn about Nacar vocabulary concepts.
  8. I created this Nascar game board using Custom Boards from Smarty Ears. The rules are open as to how you want to play it but here are some ideas:
    • Land on a car or other Nascar symbol and describe or define it OR use the cards from the memory game and draw one card to describe or define  OR  You could use your articulation pictures or other vocabulary pictures
    • Land on a red flag or tire and lose one turn
    • First one to the checkered flag wins
    • If you want to have the game last longer than see how many laps (times around the game board) each player can do in a set amount of time

Our tube in progress


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