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Transportation Scene on my door

Last week I posted about a unit on racing.  We had a lot of fun and  even had several Meester 500 races.  This week I decided to move into a transportation unit. In my transportation theme box I have many things I’ve gathered from my boys, thrift stores and other places. I have puzzles, toy cars, plastic road maps for the cars to drive on, tracks, books, etc.  So look around and I’m sure you will find items that fit together for this unit and would love to be boxed up together.

Activity 1

This is a Transportation Bingo type game. There are five cards of different transportation vehicles. Print 2 of each card and use one set as the calling cards.  To play the game you can give clues for each vehicle such as; This vehicle comes visits your home to collect things you don’t want. (garbage truck)  I can ride 5  I can ride 4    I can ride 3   I can ride 2   I can ride 1

Activity 2

This is a great time to use the book Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems and create your own book. What will your pigeon want to drive? There is an app called Don’t Let the Pigeon Run this App! It costs 6.99 and you can create your own Pigeon stories. I have not purchased this app so check out the reviews and see if it fits your needs.

You can find the app here:

 Activity 3

Transportation Dominos: Print out 1-2 copies of each page,  turn over and print the backs on the cards,  laminate and play.  domino doubles, domino 1, domino 2, domino backs

Activity 4 – Dollar Store finds

I bought two sets of transportation erasers. These can used for compare/contrast, or put them into the fun water beads for hide and seeking that I also have found at the dollar store. This is a fun sensory activity. Water beads are used in place of water in vases. I bought the transportation shapes which I have laminated so I can write articulation sounds, words or things like say your word 5x etc. This is an easy activity to use with all my students and I can write different tasks to meet a variety of IEP goals and wipe it off for the next group.


Activity 5

Jenna Rayburn has a blog with lots of wonderful ideas so be sure to check it out. One of her posts fits the transporation theme: Cars Articulation and Language Activities

Apps for transportation: These are a few that I have on my iPad Transportation folder. (Many of these I got when they were free or discounted)

Earthmovers .99

Doodle Truck 1.99 one of my kids favorites

Jelly Car .99 this one another favorite too

Let’s Fly Chipper .99

Helicopter Taxi 1.99

I’m in! Traveling- lite free version

Cars in a Sandbox 1.99

Lettermen go in a Plane .99

Vehicle Puzzle free

Vehicle flashcards- free

Tire Mountain 1.99

Milly Molly & the Bike Ride- 1.99  the iPad version is 2.99

The Little Engine that Could – 3.99

Build a Train 1.99  and  Build a Train – lite-free


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