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Fairy dust and wishes

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on March 29, 2012
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Fairy Dogmother (alias Miki at Halloween)

Some of my kids made Fairy Traps the week before our Spring Break. We hung them from the speech room ceiling in hopes that fairies would be there when we returned. I hoped the glitter would have been vacuumed up by then!

Here’s what I usedmost items were found at the dollar store, my school supply room or my house.

  • Small clear containers (dollar store)
  • glitter & glue (school)
  • small glittery pompoms (dollar store)
  • glittery pipe-cleaners (dollar store)
  • glass jewels (dollar store)
  • small buttons (my house) I don’t think the picture below shows the buttons
  • gold rings & ribbon (dollar store- wedding section)
  • flowers (dollar store, my house)
  • clip butterflies (dollar store)

How we did it:

1. First I used scissors to punch a hole through the container lid.  I wrote each student’s name on the lid. We talked about fairies needing air to breath and a spot to enter the trap.

2.  I put some glue around the sides and bottom of the container. The kids chose the glitter color and I put some in and capped the container. They shook it up and oooed and ahhed.

3.  They chose what to put into the containers. (The glitter pipe-cleaners were cut into fairy sizes.) We talked about how much room they should leave for the fairy to be comfortable.

4. I used scissors to push the yarn through the lid’s hole and tied a knot on the inside. I tied a loop on the other end to hang the trap.

5. The students came up with the idea to add the butterflies, flowers and glitter pipe-cleaners to the yarn. We talked about how this might help attract the fairies.

6. I hung them from the ceiling and now we are waiting and waiting and waiting until we get back from spring break in April!   I even changed my door for this adventure!  Click here for a copy of my door sign. One of the first graders asked his teacher if the wings on my door were “real fairy wings.”


We also made a larger Fairy Trap

I used a Voss Glass Water bottle that I found left in a closet at home. The kids helped design what should go into this.  We added moss (dollar store), birch bark (the woods) and the same items that were in the tiny fairy traps. Before we left for spring break we took the cap off and added a sugar cube (fairy food).

The Plan…

Notes from the fairies will be tied to each fairy trap.  I found these at Michael’s in their dollar section. I think they will be perfect. They measure 2.5 x 2.5 inches- just right for a fairy to write on and not too small for the kids to read them.

The fairies did not forget  those on my caseload who did not get to make fairy traps. They will leave the same note and a jewel (glass stones we used in the traps).

This is the note that will be inside the cards. I typed them using Katy Berry font and then cut them out with a decorative edging scissors and glued them into the cards. Of course the fairies also glued a little glitter! These will be tied to their fairy traps. If you would like to use this same note here is a PDF copy.  Inside our big fairy  trap I wrapped the sugar cube in a gauzy fabric (not shown in the photo above) and tied it with a ribbon so it hangs like the ring in the picture.  When the kids return I will have another gauzy fabric wrapped around a battery tea-light  to be the fairy. If the tea-light is too big then I will use one of the small fairy trap containers and put a glow stick goo inside (see below for directions). I’m thinking this may need to be the option.  This too will be tied with a ribbon so I can change it out if our fairy starts to fade. I will have her stay long enough for the kids to give her a name. She too will leave a note (& fairy dust) thanking them for protecting her.




UPDATE- I just found these LED lights at Michaels- 1.99 for a pack of 2 white blinking lights. There are also packs of 10 for 19.99. I already had the colored finger lights that we use to spot cards and objects in the speech room. I decided to but another pack of 3 for 2.00 (also at Michaels). Now the fairy will be able to change colors before she leaves us! Sweet! I will use an artificial flower instead of the gauzy material and place the light inside. The flower will be closed up and the fairy light will shine through. 

Other options you may want to try:

1. There are solar-powered fairy jars. While these are pretty they are also expensive – check them out at Amazon.

3. You could copy the idea above by using a recycled jar and battery lights. Just paint the outside of the jar with translucent paint or glass paint- you could even put it on the inside and shake it around. OR you could tear tissue paper and glue it around the jar. Then pop in your battery powered light and a fairy is born.

2. A fun way to make an inexpensive fairy in a jar- DIRECTIONS: A. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Add diamond glitter (if you wish) B. Seal the top with a lid. C. Shake- this will last as long as the goo from the glow stick glows. You can mix glow stick colors too.  There are numerous posts online about these so take a look.

I do believe in fairies because…  I lost an earring and did not notice it until I had gotten home. It had been a Christmas gift from one of my sons so I was feeling sad. I came to work the next day and it was on my table. I thanked our custodian for finding it before it had disappeared into his vacuum cleaner. He said he had not been the one to find it. So I am sure the fairies really did leave it for me! The kids were very excited about this story and wanted details on what the fairy looked like. We can only imagine!

 If you missed my last post that started this fairy theme check it out here.

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