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GIVEAWAY!!! for So Much 2 Say…. and an update on our fairy

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on April 4, 2012

I just wanted to share what happened when I got back to school.  I was able to make it work! I used fabric flower parts to hide the fairy. I can pull it out to turn the light on or off.  I only used one of the lights- it lasted all week. Our fairy even took a bite out of the sugar cube one night!

The kids were thrilled and want to know if the “fairy” is real.  Gotta love primary ages!  We collected a lot of name options so we combined two and the winner is…. Our fairy has a name  She will be flying away this weekend and the kids will return to a jar with fairy dust prints. The recipe for this is: glue stick rubbed on the jar + a sprinkling of glitter= fairy wing rubbings as she leaves.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!

If you missed the sale on the app So Much 2 Say don’t worry I have one code to share. The developers Kirsten & Eric were kind enough to give me a code to share with my readers. I wrote about this app in an earlier post that you can read here.

Here’s how you could win this great app- just leave a comment below about fairies or the app or your spring break or anything cheerful! Good luck!!!

 I will do a random draw on Tuesday 4/10.

Be sure I have an e-mail address to contact the lucky winner.

29 Responses to 'GIVEAWAY!!! for So Much 2 Say…. and an update on our fairy'

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  1. Allison said,

    We are using the Fairy idea with a whole bunch of boys but we have changed it to Gnome Homes and made them with bugs, rocks grass, sticks etc. The kids are loving it!

  2. Paula Townsend said,

    I am currently on spring break until 4/10 and am enjoying having time to catch up on all of the great SLP blogs, including this one!

  3. Dana Kahlbom said,

    Ohhh, HAPPY SPRING BREAK!!! woo-hoo. Today was our school-wide (pre-k-2) “Dance into Spring”.
    Right before dismissal, we all go outside and dance together…this year it was the Cupid Shuffle. The kids, teachers and parents love this event and we look forward to it every spring. What a fantastic way to send off our students on break 🙂

  4. Joanne said,

    Well… I will admit that I haven’t used the fairy idea, mainly because I am placed at a high school with 70% of my caseload being boys ages 14-21. Probably not so into fairies. We had a marvelous spring break, though, at the end of which I got married! =)

    I am very interested in the So Much 2 Say app for one of the students here who is graduating this year – I would likely offer the code to her family rather than using it myself, so she would have a chance to use it before the end of school!!

  5. Maureen McGarry said,

    Thx so much for all of your great blogs! I see many more boys daily so I have been using the Action Movie Fx app you recommended to elicit requests, descriptive sentences and simple stories. Thanks for all of your great ideas!
    I would love to try out the give away app because I provide services to preschool children with a wide range of speech and language disorders in classroom based settings.

  6. Gail Goldman said,

    Looking forward to spring break in another week!

  7. Jenni McDonald said,

    Just returned from a wonderful Spring Break! Was ready to get back to my students!!!

  8. Kim Kramer said,

    Spring Break starts tomorrow at 2 (and I’m off to Texas on Friday!), and we are all looking forward to it! The only bad thing – tomorrow is the last day for my fabulous student intern 😦 The kids and I will miss her terribly, but only have 5 more weeks of school after break!

  9. Terri Drushell said,

    I too am on Spring break until April 10. I am enjoying a relaxing time with my family as well as spending WAY too much time on Pinterest!

  10. Katy Smith said,

    I’m currently working with special needs kids for a charity in Hong Kong and they don’t seem to know what a fairy is – in fact they don’t really know much about fairy tales and stories even their own traditional ones, and know more about numbers and speaking Mandarin by rote so I am thinking of using your amazing ideas to try to spark some imagination!

    I think the “so much to say” app would help them a lot too!

  11. Shannon Giles said,

    Enjoying spring break right now! Love being able to spend time with my little boy (and start to get a baby’s room ready for baby #2 coming this summer)!

  12. JoAnne Marelic - SLP Buffalo,MN said,

    would love to have this app…. Finally on spring break in sunny FL! Having lots of fun at the beaches!

  13. Just returned from Spring break. Ready to work with all of my kiddos! I’d love to try the app in your giveaway!

  14. Connie said,

    On break currently. Just hanging out with my daughter. Very relaxing…very needed.

    • Cindy said,

      You are the lucky random winner!!!

  15. Marcia said,

    Spring break has become one of my favorite vacations. After a long winter in Fairbanks, Alaska it is wonderful to go some place warm. By the time I get back the days are longer and the snow is melting.

  16. Spring has sprung and we finally have blues skies around here!

  17. Laura said,

    I am loving being on spring break!

  18. Terri Brewer said,

    Love your ideas!!

  19. Lynne Mathey said,

    What a creative idea! Thanks for the inspiration! A nice switch from leprechauns! My diagnostic kids will love it!

  20. Kendra said,

    Love the idea! My kiddos will love it next year. I’ve already started talking to some of them that I know I will have next year about catching fairies. It was a good spring board for other ideas to make my sessions less boring for al of us.

  21. Laura said,

    Hey Cindy,

    I would love a shot at that app. As far as fairies go, I was very much in the duldrums and motivation was very hard. We have been hit with a hard case of Spring Fever! I saw your postings on fairies and thought, “I can do that!” I share my room with another person, but I decided to just take over the room and we have flowers up on the walls and some will soon be hanging from the ceililngs. The dollar store and Michaels sales have been my friends this past week. We are also copying your fairy trap idea. The kids are just loving it! It has really perked up our speech time this past week. (of course, the custodian adding new lightbulbs to our remaining 1 1/2 bulbs out of 4 certainly helps brighten things up a bit too!)

    Maybe i will see you at MSHA! Thanks for your posts! You have helped get me ready to go again.

  22. Chris Nordell said,

    Fairy idea is super cute

  23. Rebecca said,

    Love that you have a list of online games! Have been trying to unsuccessfully categorize mine over spring break, when you have done it for me!!! P.S I have fairies living in my backyard

  24. Rachel said,

    I’m an SLP withing in birth to 3 – always buying new apps to try out and share with families. Would love to have a free code app to show another great communication app around to many parents!


  25. Kellie said,

    Beautiful day today and I would be so excited to win!

  26. Mary in PA said,

    For my Easter break I flew from PA to Albuquerque to visit my daughter. On Easter morning we went up in a hot air balloon = it was fantastic!
    I will have to return to earth and head back to PA and on to school.
    Love your blog and all the great ideas 🙂

  27. thpeech said,

    I wish I had an office where kids would come to see me, but being a mobile therapist for a home-based intervention program, I am actually the Fairy! I flit between 4-7 kids a day driving an average of over 110 miles a day. I just picked up two very young keiki (children) who really could benefit from this app. I normally don’t pick up children who qualify for services but one was rejected from special education in an inclusion class because she wasn’t potty-trained ( have you heard of discrimination??) In the meantime, the Good Fairy was able to swoop down and do some magic, but she needs a lot more things that I’m not quite prepared for in my bag of tricks simply because I have been working with less severe children. If someone can’t grant this fairy that wish, that’s ok. I wanted to share my story ( get my own blog, right Cindy?) mahalo and aloha to Cindy! I look forward to your Sunday posts ( I get them earlier than most of you cuz you’re still sleeping!)

  28. Wendi Adkins said,

    So very interested in this app!

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