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App Code Winner

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on April 10, 2012

The winner of the app code for So Much 2 Say is….Connie.


The winner was picked using the app Random #

Stay tuned for a new blog post in the near future … or sometime soon… or when I have time… or between all the evaluations at school…  or selling our home (fingers crossed)….  or working at the clinic…. or due process paperwork…. or writing therapy corner for Smarty Ears  (yikes-way behind on that too!)…. or visiting my mom (way behind on that too)… or just shut up Cindy and get back to work!


2 Responses to 'App Code Winner'

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  1. Haley said,

    My gosh, you sound like me! I’m meeting myself coming and going these days! Glad to know I’m not alone.

    • Cindy said,

      This time of year is always crazy and adding other factors like selling our house is not recommended! But I was thinking about that when we started the process back in January.

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