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Pirate invasion!!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on May 4, 2012
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I am finding that I really enjoy doing units of fun in therapy. To me a unit of fun is choosing a theme and pulling in all my books, games, apps and whatever else fits and then doing therapy as usual…sort of.  I tend to stick with a unit for at least two weeks. I found one week was too short when you look at it through my students’ perspective. I am lucky to be full-time in one building but my students may only be in my room 1 or 2 times each week.  I see some of them in other rooms too. So if you do the math that’s not a lot of exposure to a theme’ofun.  Besides once I start a theme I keep finding more “stuff” treaures that I can add.

Anyway ….

Me speech room has been taken hostage by PIRATES! We’ve been practicing our meanest “ARRGs” and “AYE’s.”  It started on my door. I took pictures using the Pirate Ninja app (.99). You take a picture and use the app to add a pirate hat. This was a problem solving activity involving making choices- do you want to smile, make a pirate face, look mean, etc. then they had to choose which pirate hat (3 options) they liked the best. For my door I printed off their pictures and glued them on construction paper. I then added pirate sayings. Here are the ones I used in Word format so you can make changes or add to them: pirate bubbles or in PDF format: pirate bubbles pdf. I used a pirate hat cut out at the top of the door that I found on another site: Pirate Hat

Then I realized I would not be able to put all my speech pirates on the door so…

This is the white board in my room. I am not an artist so I did a quick search and found how to draw a pirate ship here. I used brown tag board, vanilla construction paper and a brown marker to outline.  As my ship began to fill up I added a dinghy and attached it with several pieces of yarn that I twisted to look like a rope. I added a few gold coins, a ring and treasure map. I found the shark, octopus/squid a whale and water in the Pirate Puzzles app (.99). I did a screenshot of each, printed and cut them out. There are still a few stowaways I need to add.

While checking to see what to call a group of pirates I came across two options: tango and crew. I like a tango of pirates- can’t you just imagine that! Think Jonny Depp…yah now you got it me matey!

Here are some of the materials I used and displayed for the unit.

Here are some of the activities: The pillowcases came from a set of 8 that I found at party store on clearance. I used these in a group wih my OT. The students worked in pairs. Not only were they working on fine motor skills but a whole lot of cooperation was going on!  The pirate paintng book I found at the dollar store. The paint is on the bottom of each page and the kids wet it with a cotton swab to color. I used this to work on following directions. Warning: 5 & 6 year olds tend to tip paper cups of water which led to another problem solving task!


There is a wealth of materials about pirates so it is an easy unit to find materials. I love the inexpensive materials found at Perkilou Products. Here is a link to the pirate materials but be sure to checkout the freebies and other resources. Pirate Set You can see one of the game boards in the pirate painting picture above.

One more freebie for you: This is game I made to go with the pirate theme: pirate game

Apps: I am not listing prices as they may have changed. There are lots of Pirate apps out there. These are a few I won, were free or purchased.

Pirate Ninja – this is what I used for turning me students into pirates

Find the Differences

Penelope the Purple Pirate

Pirates band of misfits movie app

Pirates Cove


I’m Going to be a Pirate

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Pirate Chat

Pirate PHD

Pirate Scribble

Motleys HD

Treasure Kai & the lost gold of shark island

Pirate Jokes

Huggy Bird HD

Pirate’s Rope

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  1. Great ideas Cindy and I bet your students loved it. I love themes in therapy!

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Deb- The kids are loving the themes. I’m having a lot of staff stop by to check out our pirate ship.
      Working with a K-3rd grade population this year has proven to be very imaginative. The kids are so open and look through the world with eyes of wonderment. But I do miss my older students I had in the past.

  2. Dean Trout said,

    Great job, Cindy! (as always) You need our Looting Pirates game!

    • Cindy said,

      Dean- You are right I do need your pirate game!

  3. Libby Webb said,

    Cindy, You are always a great inspiration for taking a theme to a new level! I appreciate how you can address so many different speech and language needs for your children with one theme. Are you planning to do a Summer Olympics theme? I used all of your Winter Olympics games when you created those. Great vocabulary!

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Libby! I hadn’t thought of a summer Olympics unit. I will need to think about that. I’m guessing with school out soon for many it isn’t on everyone’s radar but it could still work!

  4. Mandi Schaumburg said,

    Love it Cindy! You are so creative!

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Mandi. We are now swimming in an ocean unit.

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