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Please! No more ideas… really… I’m going to lose my marbles! ;)

I may be in the minority but please don’t post anymore ideas on Facebook, Linkedin, newsetters or your blogs. I am over run with too many ideas. Don’t even mention Pinterest!! I put my blog posts on there but I don’t dare to look around at any other pins or boards. Being an SLP for 35 years I have lots of materials and resources so I don’t need anymore…really … I’m serious….this time… 😉


My school year is ending on June 8th. I am starting to mentally pack up my room and I’ve already run out of nooks and crannies. How can I store it all? Yes my iPad is wonderful and has a wealth of apps that work great in my sessions. BUT…I have a lot of other great stuff too. I’ve talked about downsizing in past posts but I still have many things (ok maybe TOO many) that I want to keep. I promise I will use them…pinkie swear.  In the meantime I will do my best to organize, pack  up and get ready for summer break.

So what do I plan to do this summer?

1. Relax

2. Play and explore with my grand-daughter – who is now 6

3. Work in private therapy

4. Write blog posts and articles for Smarty Ears Therapy Corner

5. Share more therapy materials/ ideas on my blog

6. Maybe even start a Facebook page for my blog… I’ve been encouraged to do this but what should the page be called??? Send me your ideas!

7. Think about next year …a little

8. Oh dare I say it explore Pinterest…maybe…. ok I probably will

In the meantime I packed away my Ocean theme from my last blog post and my room is looking a little bare. The kids are complaining. Wait… I did leave the sand pail with the liquid water beads out…hmmm. Ok a couple more ideas but I’ll try to make these easy and disposable.

So since I mentioned losing my marbles here is what I plan to do with  them!

Water Beads or Liquid MarblesI have found mine at dollar stores. They have only had the clear ones but they do come in colors.  I use these in sensory tubs or in this case a sand pail. For the last week of school here is how I will use it before I “lose my marbles.”

a. Just play with them- they feel wet and the squeals from the kids are so cute!  We can include a few adjectives to describe them for a language goal.

b. Add items and try to find them (without looking) – paper clips, hard marble, dice, any small trinket. Language twist: talk about the sizes and shapes; Articulation twist: use small laminated words or cards instead of trinkets; Fluency- create a sentence for the trinket or card with easy speech.

c. Add plastic letters or numbers- Pull out an M think of words or summer things that start with M- Pull out a 4 and think of  4 words or sentences using your sound(s) or draw 4 articulation cards or draw 4 vocabulary cards

d. Put a few outside in the sun and make predictions on what might happen to them… I don’t know but my guess is I will be finding out one of these sunny days!

e. Brainstorm a list or find pictures of other things that fill up with water…. pool, water balloon, etc.

There you now have five ideas to use until the end of the school year!

Enjoy and then to downsize just ..

1. Put all the trinkets you used back in your desk where you probably found them in the first place

2. Put the articulation  and vocabulary cards back into their boxes (or if you used ones on an app in your iPad just close it!)

3. Return the plastic letters and numbers to the teacher you borrowed them from

$. Toss the liquid marbles or put them in baggies and send them home with kids…nice surprise… maybe! Or use them at home in vases for fresh cut flowers.

4. Save the sand pail and take it home – you can use it as intended but I see a slushy drink with a little paper umbrella added to mine!


Last Summer Fun!


12 Responses to 'Please! No more ideas… really… I’m going to lose my marbles! ;)'

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  1. Dean Trout said,

    I wish I lived close to you Cindy. We’d be such good friends! Happy Summer!!

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Dean! That would be so fun!!! Enjoy your summer too.

  2. Tracy Pease said,

    How do you put your posts on Pinterest?

    • Cindy said,

      I”m still figuring out the whole Pinterest thing. But I copy the URL address and paste it into the board I labeled My Blog Posts.

      • Tracy Pease said,

        Thank you. Still figuring it out myself obviously 🙂

      • Cindy said,

        Me too!!

  3. Pat Mervine said,

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas here and on the message boards of my website, Speaking of! I hope you enjoy a restful summer.

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Pat! I am enjoying your new blog and facebook page. I hope my summer is restful too. Hopefully our house will sell soon to help with the stress! Enjoy your summer too and thanks for great website with so much information.

  4. Melanie said,

    I am avoiding Pinterest at all costs. As a new blogger I have found myself obsessed with WordPress and have finally overcome my addiction to FB. I sure don’t need another thing to consume me!! 🙂

    • Cindy said,

      I hear ya! My Facebook page is mostly work sites even though it didn’t start out as this.

  5. Arlene said,

    Now that is summer I have had time to explore pinterest and blogs that I didn’t have time to even consider before and now I’m with you. So many fabulous ideas that I don’t even have time to look at even with summer in full swing. Whew! Too much!

    • Cindy said,

      My exact feelings! Have fun exploring

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