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Are you BOARD? UNO I am! Plus a giveaway!!!


I love using my iPad and many games are now an app. But I still have all these card and  board games in my speech room. Do I give them away? Do I re-purpose them? Do I toss them? Do I leave them in the cabinet and forget about them?

Since my speech room is small I was given a cabinet to use in another location. It is close but I decided to house my theme unit boxes and some of my games.  The access to these  games is a little tricky since they are stuffed into the “theme cabinet.” I did make a list of the games to help remind me but… I think I need a better system.

I had thought about putting the game boards into picture frames but decided to try some other ideas floating around in my head.  So…I took home some of my games that included a game board or that I could pull out of the cabinet easily.

I put hole reinforcements on the  two corners of the game board that were being drilled.  We left the game boards folded so we were able to drill through two corners at once.  Be sure to drill on a board and not your counter! I was lucky enough to have my husband drill the holes. I think he got nervous when I has asked him where the drill was…LOL. But you can easily do this yourself too.  After drilling I placed hole reinforcers on the front and back of all holes. Now if this is all you want to do you can hang the boards from hooks in your therapy room and store the pieces in small containers. OR you can check out the next options.

FYI: I did not end up drilling holes in the Hi Ho Cherry-O or Chinese Checkers games. They did not have the flat game boards like the other games shown in the  picture above. I’ll come up with something else for them.


I purchased several options to attach to the game boards. The dry eraser sheets and photo magnet sheets were purchased at Office Depot and the felt sheets at JoAnn Fabrics.


Option 1: Dry Erase Sheets

This was super easy- just peel and stick. The sheets can be removed easily. Now here are my ideas for this option.

1. Use as a dry erase board…duh

2. Use as a barrier game- the board bends in half and can be placed horizontally or vertically. You can take turns giving directions on what to draw. You can also use window clings  like the spiderman ones shown and place them on the board and give directions. You can even combine these two ideas; for example- draw a house in the middle- put the black spider on the left side of the house- put  spiderman on the top of the house, etc. Once the directions are completed you can lay the board flat and look at the results side by side.


spiderman window clings

Option 2: Magnetic Sheets

I used 4″x6″ photo sheets but there are larger versions available which I think would be even better to use. These are not as easy to remove and reuse. This could be uses as a barrier game with magnets.

Option 3: Felt

I used felt sheets and a glue stick and double-sided tape. I used the glue stick but I think the double-sided tape would be enough- just be sure to add tape across the middle and along the edges. This is an option for attaching  pictures with felt or velcro backings (the hook part). You could use this to create stories, learn vocabulary, etc.

If you have room you could hang several boards next to each other to create a bulletin board effect. There are calendar dry erase sheets, cork sheets and larger magnetic sheets that would be options to try.

Option 4: Game Savers

While searching for ideas for storing games I came across this site- OBH Enterprises. They have a great product called GameSavers. These are plastic containers that are used to store your game boards and game pieces. The boxes come in three sizes to fit most games created after 1998. The boxes also include stickers to attach to the box for easy identification. I was happy to receive two of the GameSaver boxes to test. So here is my disclaimer: The boxes were given to me for free but my review is based on my own experience.


The larger electric blue GameSaver box is made for games like Monopoly, Life, or Risk etc. It is has a built-in money tray. I was able to put two games in this container- Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders and still close the lid. It measures 16 x 11 x 2.5 inches The game board must smaller than 15.75 x 10.5 x 1/2 inches (double folded rectangular or square boards) and  game pieces cannot be thicker than 2 inches in at least one dimension. This sells for 13.50 on the OBH Enterprise website.

The second box I received was the juicy orange midsize container. This size holds games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladder, Clue, Stratego, Parcheesi, Charades for Kids, Scrabble, Jigsaw puzzles, Legos and more. It measures 16 x 11 x 1.5 inches. The game board must be smaller than 15.75 x 10.5 x 1/4 inches (Single folded rectangular or square boards) and game pieces cannot be thicker than 1.25 inches in at least one dimension. This one sells for 11.50 on the OBH Enterprise website.  I was able to put two game boards (checkers and Word Trio) and the pieces in this box and close the lid.

The snazzy purple GameSaver box holds games with double folded square boards The board must be smaller than 10.5 x 10.5 x 1/2 inches (Double folded square boards) and game pieces cannot be thicker than 1 inch in at least one dimension. I did not receive this size so my information is based on what can be found on the OBH website. It measures 16 x 11 x 1.5 inches. It can hold games like  Aggravation, Clue Jr., Charades for kids, Dora the Explorer, Family Feud, Monopoly Jr., Parcheesi, Scrabble Jr., Sorry, Scene-It DVD, Trivial Pursuit DVD and more. This sells for 11.50 on the OBH Enterprise website.

I  found these boxes to be light weight, stack and store easily. It was easy to recycle bent and broken boxes and replace them with these GameSaver boxes.  The GameSaver boxes come with one label per game.  There are times I store my boxes the long way and times I store them the short way. So the only thing I added was an extra label on one side of the box. Now I have lots of options on ways to store my games. I will hang a couple on hooks but I can still store the pieces in my GameSaver boxes. I will store others in the GameSaver boxes. One of the great things about these boxes is they are the same length and width which helps a lot when storing goes together. No more trying to stack game boxes of different sizes that just never fit together and can become an annoying puzzle to figure out which piece goes where. It looks like I will be ordering more of these once I get back to school and dig out the rest of my games.  FYI my Hi Ho Cherriy-O and Chinese Checkers games did not fit into the GameSavers containers. So be sure to read the will my games fit on the companies web page. The company also makes a product called BeachPack which can be  viewed on their website.


I have a 25.o0 gift certificate to buy products on the  OBH Enterprise website. 

Enter now through 7/13/12  by clicking on this link to enter:  Rafflecopter giveaway

The gift certificate will be mailed to the winner.


24 Responses to 'Are you BOARD? UNO I am! Plus a giveaway!!!'

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  1. Cassandra said,

    I love the idea of these boxes! I currently store all my games in their original boxes…and it is not ideal!

  2. Jenna Rayburn said,

    Those look awesome Cindy! My game closet is a mess! I need a new system!

  3. These are all such good suggestions. Hope to try one or two, thanks

  4. Melissa said,

    These game boxes are genius! I have so many game boxes that are falling apart/being held together with masking tape. I also enjoy your idea to drill holes and hang them on a wall or inside a cabinet door!

  5. Very cool Cindy! Great ideas.

  6. Could you please share any names os class boards for children that are now out as apps? Thx, Cathleen

    • Cindy said,

      Cathleen- I’m not sure what you mean. Are you looking for traditional games that are also apps?

      • Yes Cindy, I was hoping some of the trad. Game have come out in app form…found Snakes and Ladders.

      • Cindy said,

        ok- here are some that I have used- Simon Says, 10-in-1 Board Games, chinese checkers, scrabble, trivial pursuit, farina row, game of life, connect 4, yahtzee, picknstix, stick, bop it!, I say Free. These are the ones that I could find quickly on my iPad.

  7. thpeech said,

    This friend and colleague has the best information! Always beneficial, always has step-by-step so you can really follow along! I love this most recent blog–she must have read my mind!

  8. Rose said,

    I keep games in cabinets, original boxes and zip loc baggies for small pieces…but your organization ideas are amazing!! Would love to start off the new school year (in my new position) with some great organizational materials…great post!!!

  9. Brandy said,

    I love all your tips and ideas!! I love these boxes because I stor mine in original box and when I need to use them I put the game in a ziploc bag.

  10. My Games are in original boxes with small pieces in zip lock baggies. Of course half my boxes are bend, ripped and held together with duct tape. These boxes look great!

  11. Erin said,

    Right now I store my games on a bookshelf, of course the boxes are falling apart making it easy for the gameboards and pieces to slide out :-).

    • Erin said,

      Sorry missed the second part of the questions…these gamesavers would help me to make sure I won’t lose any pieces and won’t have to deal with breaking boxes.

  12. Love these tips! I am definitely referring back to here when I’m reorganizing my room next week! Thank you.

  13. Tracy Sippl said,

    Hi Cindy, Thank you for the excellent suggestions. I am always looking for ways to better organize my materials. It is a never-ending process! I like the idea of drilling the holes in the game boards to store them more efficiently. The Gamesavers would be a huge help as well! My office, like you described yours, is very small and my game cabinet is literally bulging with no space to spare. If I could even free up part of one shelf, I’d jump for joy. I’ve been making many of my own materials as well which would store wonderfully in the Gamesavers containers. Thanks again.

  14. Denise said,

    Love the idea of using the game boards as barriers or magnetic boards.

  15. Deidre said,

    I, too, love the idea of re-purposing game boards as barrier games, dry erase, and magnet boards. But my students would hang from the gym rafters if I did that! Being iPad-less and having dinosaur-friendly student computers, I still regularly use board and card games for every therapy group. As a result, my game boxes are old, crusty, and held together with years worth of masking tape. I will definitely be checking into the OPH storage boxes. I can already tell, though, that I would want the different sizes available in different colors so I can continue to coordinate my games by style of play (move by colors, roll/spin, bingo, matching, etc.). My kids are used to the games being organized on a 3-shelf bookcase in that way and, while these boxes would continue to permit that, my OCD tendencies would be tweaked by the mis-match in colors, lol!

  16. Juli LaMoy said,

    I tell you…some people have the most creative ideas! Thank you. My game boxes are broken and lopsided and my closet is a mess!

  17. Kristen Miller said,

    Loved all the ideas ! I long gave up on storing games in the original boxes for two reasons: each game takes up approx. 75 % less space, and I usually shop 2nd hand, and often the boxes are not asthetically pleasing. I’ve been taping the directions to the back of the game board. I cut up any directions on the actual box and photo copy them if there is no paper directions included. Sometimes I just fold up the directions and add it to one of the mini plastic bags that I stored the playing pieces. I have all my boards standing up in file folder crate so having something on the back of the board from the actual box will help me identify the board or remember that I have it !. I also have a portion of the bottom of one of my desk drawers that I use to store plastic bags of game pieces that I use more often (letter tiles, tokens, playing pieces, dice, following directions cards, letter dice, etc). I think doing this has helped me to consider the potential/value of different games and/or pieces aside from the original purpose. I rarely play games according to the actual directions ! As an example in Boggle Jr. the cards are excellent for working on early CVC sounds while the dice are great for adapting to your own phonological awareness games. Now when I’m browsing the thrift shelves I find myself looking to see what comes in the game box vs. looking at the actual game itself ! I’ve found a lot of great materials in a game I would never use for therapy…..Thanks again !

  18. Connie said,

    I store them in their original boxes and continually tape as they continually rip.

  19. This is such a genius idea! Most of the games I have are in ripped boxes that have been taped multiple times. I have a lot of pieces that are in small ziploc bags to help keep them organized. This looks like a great idea for a much better/space friendly system!

  20. Carol said,

    My boxes are falling apart, tape and rubber bands are dying! I need help!

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