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Cranky time of the year

Here in MN we are used to snow and cold but it can make us cranky if we are in subzero temps with subzero windchill. So with a few inside recess days I knew it was time to crank up the fun in my speech room.

I found this last week at Target on clearance for  under 7.00 dollars. It comes with only one character so of course I will be adding lots of fun twists.  The first group to try this all wanted to be first so we put names on slips of paper and put them inside. I used the claw to pick names. The name slips were lined up on the white board marker tray.  Then we loaded items into the toy claw and we had to decide if each item was too big, too small or the “just right” size.  After each turn the student placed their item on the marker tray in front of their name. Then I gave clues describing an item and they guessed and were able to play with the item.  Of course we worked on sharing…I would say “Freeze Pass” and they passed their item to the person next to them until they had a chance to play with all items.

I will be adding cards into the toy claw from my materials to “crank” out too. What a fun twist on drill and practice of speech sounds, vocabulary, following directions and more!


Out came the zappers and articulation cards with another group. I gave clues and the first person to zap the card got to add it o their pile but only if they could say it correctly in a sentence.  I kept adding cards to fill in the zapped cards.  I used zappers from the Great Face Race game. They have suction cups which grip the cards. You could make your own using rulers or paint sticks and add  small suction cups with duct tape.  Or if you like power tools then drill a hole and push the end through and secure with duct tape.  It would be a fun twist to wind the duct tape around the sticks to decorate them.

I will close this post with our twist on Groundhog Day Thinking Maps creations using the Custom Boards app app.






4 Responses to 'Cranky time of the year'

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  1. cathleen said,

    Love these ideas to bring excitement to the day when it’s cold, rainy, yucky weather. And loved the groundhog picture/board activity. Even my low functioning kids could join it that one.

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Cathleen! The kids at my school are a very diverse group so I’m always looking for lessons that they can be successful and independent learned too.

  2. Mandi Schaumburg said,

    Love your blog posts! great ideas!

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Mandi!

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