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Weather or not I am hoping that groundhog was right!

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on February 25, 2013
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marching in


I plan on working on weather vocabulary with students this last week in February. It can lead to learning new vocabulary but also:

  • figurative language- In Like a Lamb Out Like a Lion, under the weather, feeling blue, on cloud 9, raining cats and dogs, head in the clouds, in a fog, etc.
  • comparing/ contrasting
  • sequencing – 1st clouds then raindrops/snow etc.
  • making predictions
  • revisiting the Groundhog prediction

First we made a large circle map about the weather. I used the  Custom Boards app to create the describing pictures. Each group thought of words that were related to weather and we came up with a few to add to our circle map.

weather circle map

We made some bubble maps to describe a lion and a lamb.


We made double bubble maps to compare and contrast.

double bubble weather

We are in the process of making weather predictions for Friday March 1st. Will it be like a lion or a lamb?  We are using this chart and making tally marks. This is the chart we used: I predict March will come in like a

i predict

I am also having the students use the weather words and place them under the Lion or Lamb from the I predict page. It makes for some interesting discussion. Does hot go under lion or lamb? It’s often all about perspective taking.

Here are the weather words we used. weather pictures

Weather idiom sites:

More materials for this theme:

Here’s hoping you are not under the weather and you are feeling right as rain!



2 Responses to 'Weather or not I am hoping that groundhog was right!'

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  1. Rose said,

    Cindy–I love your lions/lambs theme!! I have an item in my TpT store that I just created with the same theme in mind–mainly focuses on rhyming/phono. awareness/listening but I also have some “fun fact”cards about lions and lambs and a game board—please email me–I would love to share this with you! (no charge) (

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks! I’d love to try it.

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