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A Wee bit O’Fun

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on March 14, 2013
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Looking through my March folder I found something I had made a long time ago. It was a simple activity that I used with one of our site based autism programs. The poem was written by me and I’m still not totally happy with the last line but couldn’t think of anything better.

This was the original: It was made with a shamrock shape, heart for the tongue, small dog tree, google eyes and a dot for a nose.

dog 1

This is the one we made this year. I used a rubber bone eraser instead of a real dog bone this time. I had purchased many packs of these when they were on clearance in the dollar section at Target . I do have other plans for them… yet to be created though!  This is a copy of the shamrock dog poem. This time we added a gold coin to our picture.

dog 2

We used  a leprechaun and followed directions for concepts. Put the coin on, under, next to, over,  behind, etc. The lucky leprechaun was also taped to the white board to do this same activity.

leprechaun       lep

We used puzzles to work on turn taking, following directions, concepts: corner, top, bottom and more. We also hid the pieces in the room and gave directions to find them! I traced the shapes and added velcro. The sticker at the top of each sheet indicates the top of the puzzle. You can find these at Billy Bear 4 Kids.


In the groups co-lead by our OT and myself we turned our kids in leprechauns.  They worked on a lot of fine motor and language skills making these! These were made with a paper plate and the kids colored the edge. They cut slits around the orange to make it look more like a beard. The adults cut out the middle when the finished coloring. The hat was a folded rectangle with a white line to cut on.  black

They were given a strip of green paper and told to cut it into pieces and glue them on to their hats. The added a shamrock sticker to finish the project. The adults stapled the hat to the beard and magical turned them all into leprechauns! We tried to get them to do a jig but no luck!


We had fun with St. Patrick Day materials from  Home Sweet Speech Room, Live Love Speech, The Speech Bubble and  Let’s Talk SLP. All the items were from their Teachers Pay Teachers sites. Thanks! I had more from other sites but as they say “my eyes were bigger than my plate” and we couldn’t get to all of them.

Just a wee bit of fun this week. Hope you did too!