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Bobbing our way into Spring!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on April 4, 2013
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I knew I should do something “springy” in my speech room.  I just didn’t want to go all flowers and birds. So I decided to use an app called Bobbleshop. Here’s the almost completed result: (I don’t know if I can get my whole caseload on one side of my door but I’m going to bobble as many as I can!)


The green grass was cut from Smart-Fab. I was lucky to win several rolls of this material on their Facebook page. The letters and cutouts were free from our school supply room.


The Bobbleshop app was free when I found it. They have other versions you can check-out too.My students are in grades K-3rd and we had a lot of fun with this activity.  I could see with older students taking more time and fine tuning the faces to really look like themselves. Or how about taking an actor, cartoon character, etc. and creating them … then posting them and have others guess who.

My therapy goals: (yea I really did have some)

1. following directions

2. turn taking

3. choosing parts and deciding if they were making them look the same or different from their real self

4. understanding vocabulary and concepts- bobble head, giggle, larger, smaller, darker, lighter

5. emotions- eyebrows, eyes and mouth can make different expressions

6. joint attention- it was fun to see the kids help each other and giggle together

7. humor- is it silly or not silly, one of my students just didn’t understand why others were laughing and why it was funny so that was a whole lesson (to be expanded upon)

8. I am going to print off smaller versions and use these as characters in stories, game pieces and whatever else pops into my twisted brain. I’m thinking Mad Lib like on the whiteboard.  I also have items from Think-a-lot that I use to create stories and including these cute characters will add a new twist.

So take this idea and add  your own twist!


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