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Are you losing your marbles? How about a giggle or two?

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on May 10, 2013
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This time of the school year can be busy, rushed and feels like you are losing your marbles. We need to try and keep our resting faces like the yes faces below and not so much the not face. I’m trying to measure the end of the year in giggles and not how many IEPs or reports I need to complete.

Say yes to this….                                                     and not this….

Surprised Woman Man Laughing               mad 3

So here are few things that have gone on in my twisted speech room that have made me smile.

  • Me:  Do you have a dog?   Student:  No but I have a sister.
  • ~~~
  • We were working on the story “If You Give a Dog a Donut” and working on comprehension, predicting, vocabulary etc. The kindergarten was having some difficulties and finally stated “Please no more sample questions!”
  • ~~~
  • Student:  You look beautiful. – Last week he told me to “Get out of my face.”
  • ~~~
  • Me (Meester):  Are you thinking about the group?  Student:  My face is in Meester channel (and then he drew an “M” with his finger on the front of his shirt)
  • ~~~
  • Me:  You like spaghetti but not lasagna?  Student:  Yep I just have one taste bud.
  • ~~~
  • Me:  What book did you check out?   Student:  Ponies- My Dad’s gonna have a baby and it’s a pony!
  • ~~~
  • Student: I’m teaching my baby how to be an adult. Me: Wow! What do you need teach them?  Student: How to watch TV.
  • ~~~
  • Student:  Wow Meester you really know your stuff.
  • ~~~
  • Me: (working on emotions/feelings using pictures) How is he feeling?  Student:  Medium
  • ~~~
  • We had been working on the days of the week. I realized it was too difficult for the student so we focused on what today was (MONDAY). We sang it and we clapped it and we watched videos and we chanted “today is Monday” and more for at least 15 minutes.  At the end of the session:    Me: Today is….  Student:  Saturday    Me: I wish it was too…


Now a marble activity that will surely bring a few more giggles your way!

I  had saved a marble activity from News-2-You several years ago.  It was a great activity to work on concepts, turn taking, problem solving plus have fun! We did a lot with social skills, fine motor, motor planning, following directions (verbal and visual), and more. I’m an SLP who often rolls (get it!) with what the kids do or say in our sessions so there are often twists to our sessions.

I used this activity with almost all of my students. As an SLP we know how to adapt and modify to fit the needs of our caseload. My articulation groups were more independent and I could monitor carryover of their sounds. My students in our autism room needed more prompts and guiding to work on this activity but they could do it!

We had a few issues knowing what was inside the circle and outside of the circle.


We followed directions on how to set up the marbles.

photo 2   5

We shared a few giggles and lots of fun.


We kept the marbles that were hit out of the circle on the white board shelf. A good lesson learned why we don’t keep them on the floor when you are moving around the circle! Don’t worry there was no blood or broken bones.


We used the cards to put the directions in order and the visuals helped us set up the game too.  Here is a copy for you to use: Marble Game Pictures

I guess there are “real rules” for playing marbles but we did not really follow them. One of my students had actually been in a marble tournament so we were able to compare how we played vs. what he did in his tournament. IF the word cheating came up we then talked about what we should allow or not. Throwing was not allowed an all the kids were able to flick the marble in their own way.

Some apps with marbles: There are plenty but playing with a bag of marbles from the dollar store and a masking taped circle was a lot more fun!

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Marble Mixer

Plunk the marble game

So take these ideas and add your own twist! Just don’t lose your marbles!



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  1. cjmonty said,

    This activity saved the day last Spring when I was getting low on ideas for my social language group for the life skills program. I had forgotten about my large can of marbles. The old stand by games are the best and there are actually a lot of concepts that can be learned about while playing marbles. I down loaded the directions so thanks for providing the source.

    • Cindy said,

      I’m glad you could use it! I used your pear/pair tree in the past and the kids loved it.

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