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iPad case winner is……

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The names were put into a box and my visiting helper picked one out.



But I guess it’s not a good idea to have a 107 pound 7 month old drooling Mastiff puppy help….. no matter how much they beg! (note the paper sticking out of Robert’s mouth)

So I asked my own trusty live in helper.


But as you can see Miki was busy. I couldn’t get a lick of help today!

So I had to draw the name myself and the winner is TEACH SPEECH 365!  Congratulations! You can check out her blog  Here!

Email me your address and I will send it on it’s way. I promise the dogs will not lick the stamps!


Pint-Sized Victories (plus a giveaway)

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When my three boys were growing up we went through many gallon buckets of ice cream. I enjoyed all the flavors they picked but looked longingly at the small colorful pint-sized containers with all the yummy sounding names. Now that the boys are grown and out of the house the gallon pails of ice cream have vanished from my freezer. I replaced them with the boxed half gallons but still lusted for the small colorful containers.  One day just this summer I finally realized I am worth it. I can afford it and I do not need to feel guilty about pricing out the cost per spoonful of ice cream!  So into my cart into my freezer and onto my spoon went several wonderful small colorful containers of pint-sized ice cream!  I feel worthy and guilt free and content.


Don’t you just love the one named Chocolate Therapy. It was meant to be mine!

So here is the therapy twist

How many times as SLPs have I felt guilty that I was not making gallon sized progress? Well stop it right now! We need to remember those pint-sized steps that occur when a child turns to their name for one of the first times even though we were working on two word phrases. We need to remember when a child looked up at us and showed they were enjoying an activity WITH us and not that we were trying to get a correct B in the final position of words.  These are the pint-sized victories we need to celebrate.

I often think of  how much really happens when working with a child in therapy.

  • Someone looking in may see a child practicing words and getting sounds correct or not.  As an SLP I see that the child has sat for 5 minutes and worked without being distracted.
  • Someone looking in may see a child whining and pulling on a toy.  As an SLP I see a child who is starting to show protesting and is moving into ways on how to make requests.
  • Someone looking in may see silence.  As an SLP I see a child learning to do something independently or learning how to ask for help.
  • Someone looking in may see me searching and saying where is that ___? They may be thinking boy she is unorganized. As an SLP I see a child learning problem solving skills.
  • Someone looking in may see coloring or throwing balls. As an SLP I see ways to get a reluctant learner to engage.

These pint-sized gains are important and we need to remember to give our selves credit. Remember it takes 8 pints to fill 1 gallon.

Now put your own pint-sized twist on this!  Leave a comment about your own pint-sized victories and you will be entered into the drawing for a iPad case (see below)



I have a pink CEO Hybrid case from Marware for an iPad for 3rd or 4th generation. I won one but they sent me two. So I would like to celebrate you by giving it away.   I will draw a winner on Friday 8/9/13 at noon (CST). I will reach you via e-mail to get your mailing address.