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You’re Unbelievable

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on October 4, 2013
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A quick idea coming your way…

I received a Mother’s day card from my oldest son. It was huge and he felt the bigger the card the better the son… ha ha. It was also a musical card. I saved it and knew I would use it at school one day. The day has arrived.  The card plays some of the lyrics from the song You’re Unbelievable by EMF. Luckily it only plays the words You’re Unbelievable and not the rest of the lyrics.

The  card started out looking like this…

card 4 card

This is where I initally had the card in my room.


This is what  happens when you get an idea…..

card 3  card g

But then it changes to this….

otto 2 otto

I bought two of these ottomans at Target on clearance for 5.98 each.

I taped the front of the card and the music guts under the seat. Now when I am sitting on it I can reach under the seat, push and the music plays.  So when one of my students does something wonderfully fantastic I can just push and play…You’re Unbelievalbe. Voila!

Now go add your own twist and leave a comment on what you did!


8 Responses to 'You’re Unbelievable'

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  1. karen oliveri said,

    I use these cards too….I have one that says “Congratulations…..More good stuff” I use it by my door and the kids ask if they can open it….great for question reversals while reinforcing and promoting achievements.

    • Cindy said,

      Love it!

      Initially when I had this card on my wall the kids could see the words now they just hear the music. The music makes us get up and dance too!

  2. Brilliant! I love this idea!

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Kelly-
      I just read your post about lazy speech therapy and it sounds just like me!

  3. Sandy said,

    I love this idea!! Now, I’m thinking about all the cards I’ve thrown out. I’ll definitely be saving them from now on.

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Sandy. I have another card that plays girls just wanna have fun and one that claps and cheers. I may put the clapping one under my chair too. The girl one is saved for my girl groups which is rare since I only have 9 girls on my caseload and 41 boys!

  4. Cece Snow said,

    Wow that is just awesome Cindy!

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Cece. I appreciate your comment.

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