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Social Dough

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on December 9, 2013
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“E” is a first grader in one of our Autism classrooms. She has a lot of great skills but of course social peer relationships can be difficult. I paired her with “J” from her mainstream classroom. It has led to many interesting sessions. I want to share the one from today. This was a spur of the moment idea that worked ….. today. 😊

I brought out two cookie cutters. We talked about what they were and their uses. The girls decided that we could use play dough since no cookie dough makings could be found.

Here’s how the play dough turned into social dough.

1. First the girls took turns and gave directions to “squish” the dough.


2. They gave directions to “roll” the dough.


3. They worked together to remove their creations.


4. They asked me to take a picture of their creations.


5. They asked if they could make more and who could refuse!


This was one of our socially successful sessions. The girls took turns, gave each other directions, shared ideas, used each other’s names and thought about each other with their eyes. The best part was when the girls took over and no longer needed my “coaching.”

What is your “twist” on this activity?  Share your ideas in the comment section.



4 Responses to 'Social Dough'

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  1. Looks like a successful activity for learning how to collaborate in a small group activity and stay in the “green “zone. I wonder if the Sensory components of the activity also helped. Thanks for sharing this great post with us.

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Terri! Yes I think the sensory part helped a lot. I think the motor part of the activity helped both girls know where to focus. Our students all learn about the zones in my school.

  2. stock3liz said,

    CIndy can turn anything into a learning activity! that is why I love working with her!

    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Liz! You are the best and working with you keeps me sane…. Most of the time.

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