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S’now what’s up?

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on January 9, 2014
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MN as many other states has been in a deep freeze. We even had two days of school cancelled due to the negative temperatures. But now we are back and it is a balmy 10 today and heading for the 30’s later in the week.  And yes our students do go out for recess even when it is -10. So I plan to continue embracing this cold by doing snow activities with my students. Here is one idea that we have used.


The print outs for this activity can be found at this site:

Be sure to check out the other fun things there too.

Here are some ways to use these cute snowmen.

1.  Following  directions

2. Describe how they are the same or different

3. I have a window full of these and the students give clues for us to guess which one they are thinking about.

4. Add talking or thinking bubbles – and see what the snowmen are talking about

5.  There are lots of different faces to make so maybe create different emotions on each one. This could lead to a good discussion about what they are feeling and why.

6. Work on concepts: on, under, top, bottom, over, next to, right, left, around etc.

7. Give the snowman a name and write a story about him. My students used letter stickers to add the name.

8. Read one of the many snow or snowman books- check your school library.

9. Embellish your snowman with glitter, a pet, an animal friend etc.

10. Write articulation words on the page

11. Write words about winter on the page

12. Ask the kids what else they could do- they always have fun ideas!

As always add your own twist!



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  1. Pat Mervine said,

    Hi, Cindy,

    Just gave your blog a shout-out in my recent post:

    Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!


    • Cindy said,

      Thanks Pat!
      You posted some fun ideas on your post too. I love the snowballs and am trying hard not to order one. I have way too much stuff.

  2. […] more fun winter therapy ideas, check out the blog posts of Cindy Meester and Diana Quinn.  I’ll be adding these activities to my winter bag of tricks, too.  This […]

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