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Jump in the water’s just speechy!

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on May 2, 2014
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My last post showed how I planned to end the school year with 3 units combined.   I put a sign on my door that states this is Meester’s Resort! Check it out: Meester’s Resort

I promised I would elaborate on each unit so here is our Speech Beach area.


I have added a few more items and we have been working away on our speech and language goals while soaking up some sun!

Here’s a quick inventory of what’s on our beach.

1. Sand – I bought this sand from Brookstone. You can read about it here: Beach Sand  The brown paper also represents our beach and helps keep the sand off the carpet. Here we are burying pictures of ourselves. They were first working on he, she, I, has, have, her, his, we sentences by putting some of the beach items on the pictures (He has a shell. I have a dophin. We have fish.)


2. Bucket full of shells and coral. If you don’t have your own collection you can buy a bag at the dollar stores

3. Lounge chairs- I purchased these at the dollar spot at Target a few years ago. I have added sunglasses to the chairs (also from the dollar spot). We can’t play at the beach without our shades!


4. Giant Sand dollar- I made this with my granddaughter out of styrofoam. It turned out pretty cute. You can find directions to make this HERE .


5. Killer whale – this is the background picture that I purchased a dollar store.

6. Tub full of sea creatures- some from the dollar store and others from vacations.

7. Fishing poles with magnets- we catch sea creatures, fish and articulation or vocabulary cards (with attached paperclips).

8. The kids were noticing there wasn’t any “real” water.  So I got some waterbeads (of course from a dollar store) and created our ocean water minus the salt. This time there were blue, green and clear beads so I combined them to make our lake/ocean.  I can hide sea creature erasers, laminated articulation or vocabulary pictures, etc. Or we can just use our hands and dive in!

beads  beads 2

9. In one of the coolers I have more beach games and books.


10. I made vocabulary pages. I have each student take a pretest to see what they can label. When we finish playing at the beach I will give them a post test and see how many they can label. Plus I’ll see if they can provide details about each item too.  ocean words 1   ocean words 2

11. I just bought a plastic table cloth from the dollar store. I’m thinking of games I could play with this….hmmm. Maybe cut it into game boards and toss pom poms (pretend they are beach balls) onto the pictures. We could make it a tic tac toe game. Well who knows what twists   we will come up with!


I wrote about the Ocean/Beach theme before so check it out for some more ideas:  Can you SEA me now?

Now it’s your turn to add your own twist!

Leave a comment on how you may have used a beachy theme.






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