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S’More fun in our speech room…

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I posted earlier about combining three of my theme units to end the school year. We have been enjoying visiting the Meester Resort.

I shared what we did for our Beach Theme and Bug Theme. Now on to part 3…. it’s time to do a little camping!


I have added a few more items to our scene. I put real paddles, binoculars, fishing poles, tackle box and a toy lantern.

If you read one of my past posts you can see some of things we did HERE.  Now for the twists I added this year….

1.  We made binoculars out of TP tubes and dollar store duct tape. We wrapped the duct tape once around the tubes. Concepts worked on: next to, middle, around, etc. You could add a yarn loop to hang it around your neck. We explored our camping area and our vocabulary pictures using our binoculars. We compared our binoculars to a real set. This is the sheet I sent home: binocular letter home

      image       image

 2. I taped pictures of a canoe and a kayak to the coolers. Now we could “paddle” around and get a different view of the resort and look for wildlife. It was so fun spotting loons, bears, fish jumping, deer, moose and more from our boats! We compared the how the paddles or oars were different.  This was a fun way to work on joint attention and imaginative play.

3. We learned a lot of camping/nature vocabulary.  We used our binoculars to spot pictures after taking turns giving clues.  I used the vocabulary pictures to do a pretest and post test. These are the vocabulary pictures I used: camping 1     camping 2

4. I taped pictures of hikers on the wall. We used sticks, long rulers, walking sticks (mine from home) to go on hikes.

5. I  had pictures of  kids in sleeping bags in the tent. We pretended it was night and “crawled” into our sleeping bags (real ones and we also used a blanket). We listened to night sounds (a CD and our imagination).

6. You can find a lot of lessons and ideas at :  We used the apps and a Chipper book.


7. Making S’mores… if you want to make real ones at school you can microwave your marshmallows for a few seconds. It’s fun to watch them expand. Or you could use marshmallow fluff. Or if you can only have healthy snacks then you can make pretend ones. Check out the picture (at top of page) of the campfire… notice our marshmallow (cotton balls).

8. We used a fishing game that I created you can find it here: and a fishing guide sheet: fishing vocab page.

9. We used magnetic fishing poles to catch articulation word cards (just add a paper clip) and other items. There are a number of fishing games from Super Duper that we used too.

9. I used all the activities to target student goals in both articulation and language. You can do the same skill practice but just add a camping twist.  For example: I used camping words that contained the target sound(s) for students. If they were working on sentences we paired their target word with a camping word. If the student was working on /r/ and the target word was red we used it in a sentence about a red sleeping bag.

Now it’s your turn to add your own twists to these ideas!


I know many of you are done with school. This is my last week before summer vacation!

 I’m ending the year at school by helping pass out free RIF books to students! Always a good way to end the year in a costume!

The Paper Bag Princess and Ms Frizzle are ending the year with big smiles!