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It’s another school year…. and some new ideas…. hopefully!

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on November 10, 2014

I’m back!

I don’t post much over the summer months. It’s a time for me to relax, unwind and enjoy the weather. In MN most schools start school after Labor Day. This year I was determined not to get worried about how many days until I had to go back. So I posted many pictures on Facebook with my feet up and enjoying my lunches and stating that I was still NOT counting the days.  It was a wonderful summer with friends, family a new puppy (Diesel). Even though we downsized two years ago we now have more people and animals (5 dogs, a turtle and a bearded dragon) staying with us.


Now I’m back with my school family and a routine. I miss my deck afternoons but am enjoying reconnecting with students and staff. And now that I’ve waited until November to finish this post we now have snow covering my deck, yard, and everything else!

I promised myself I’d get off this procrastination wagon and pay attention to my blog. So stay tuned for some new twists!






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