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Articulation Ideas & Materials**

**This symbols indicates materials that I have created. Enjoy!                     ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

4/22/10- NEW GAME– Under the Big Top is now ready. It has word lists for  L,R and S. This game can be played with both articulation and language students.   Under The Big Top ** again!It seems there were some technical glitches so I uploaded the game again.-Let me know if it’s ok now!


4/9/10- I have created a new activity relating to Baseball. You can use this for students working on /l,r,s/; language students etc.     OOPS- after checking I see I missed some of the vocabulary words. I will add them to the definition pages and repost. OK- vocabulary has been updated Batter Up!**I have also made a cover sheet. It can be put on the front of a folder or envelope that stores your game. Batter Up cover**   NEW 4/14/10- After playing this game with a student I thought of another idea- this student came up with 2 meanings for some words (Slider- mascot & the action) then they may have one base runner steal a base. I have updated the directions on the Batter Up! link.


Ideas for Articulation Groups**   These are the directions I post when working  with a (Habit) Station Group-  Station directions-clm**

Carry over ideas**

 Form to use for carryover observations from teachers and family: Classroom-Home Articulation Observations**

  • Dots and Boxes Game– created by Kari Lokken-SLP~ another one of my wonderful co-workers! artic dot sheet- K_Lokken       Dot and Boxes Word Template to create your owndot and box template                                                                                               DirectionsHave your child connect two of the dots, across or down (but not diagonally).
  • Now you connect two of the dots.
  • Keep taking turns until a square is formed.
  • The person who completes the square gets to put his or her initial in it, and gets another turn.
  • Keep taking turns, connecting dots and completing squares, until all the dots on the grid are connected.
  • Count up each player’s initials on the grid. The one with the most squares wins.

** Activities for /CH/    

** Activities for /J-jaguar/ 

**  Activities for /L/  

** Activities for /R/ 

** These are /r/ and /s/ words that pertain to the 2010 Winter Olympics. You can use it in several ways- start at #1.  Mark the word with a star, plus or highlight it when it is said with the correct sound. They cannot move on until the word is correct.   These are harder words and the target sound is in mixed positions in the words. You may choose to have them say each word in a sentence if they are at that level. R and S Olympic words**  Yes  I realized that Russian really doesn’t have an /s/ sound but oh well. I’ll fix it for the 2014 Winter Olympics! Ha! ha!

** Activities for /S/  


** Activities for /SH/ 

**Activities for /TH/  thumb print

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