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iPod/iTouch/iPhone/iPad and therapy

Updates- 1/6/11

Tasty Ice cream use as a barrier activity with 2 or more devices, use to work on concepts (put  on the top scoop, middle etc.)

Find and Touch similar to Where is Waldo or Hidden Pictures

CH Rapp shake the present and guess what is inside

Reader\’s Digest Jokes & Funny True Stories The stories can be used to work on comprehension skills and the jokes are always fun

Tongue Twisters here is another app that has fun tongue twisters

Dino Singers interactive jukebox with familiar kid songs

Snakes and Ladders the classic game

Commonly Confused Words compares words such as all ready and already and provides examples for correct use

Gingerbread Fun Free another app to use as a barrier game or following directions and concepts

Sock Puppets create your own plays or videos with sock puppets – how fun!

Puppet Pals (iPhone) create your own show with audio and cartoon type characters  iPad version

Kidimedia a variety of games for 3-7 yr olds

Medley an anagram game

Pictureka for iPhone,  Pictureka for iPad Spot and find items hidden among many as fast as you can

iLearn Solar System Lite (for iPad)- there are  full versions for iPhone and iPad too-  a very nice app to learn about the solar system- I used it with some of my students and it was a great lesson for vocabulary, comprehension and problem solving



Summer 2010- Here are some of the apps I have been trying out on my iTouch. Many were free but at the time I downloaded them- the downside of many free apps are the adds. The free apps would like you to purchase the full version and these are add free. It is a good way to try out something before you commit even 99 cents.  Before buying or even getting a free app I read the reviews, screen shots and all the information about the app which I have found to be helpful.

I have found more apps for younger kids and  I am still looking for more for 4th grade and up. Lots out there for little ones that can work for SLPs but not as much yet for other ages.

Places to get ideas for apps:

The categories below are of my invention. Some apps could go into more than one category and some were hard to decide what to call the group so here we go…..

Timers-Turn Taking

ABC apps

Animal Apps



Aug Com Apps- a variety of apps  that can be used for alternatives for oral speech or support oral speech production


Book Apps


Drawing Apps

Emotion Apps

Fact Apps

Games- Brain Apps

Game Apps

Game Matching App

Hear/Auditory Apps

Idioms, Figure of Speech etc Apps

Languages Apps

Life/Functional/Social Skill Apps

Mad Lib/Riddle Apps

Music Apps

Number Apps

Problem Solving Apps

Reading Apps


Science Apps

Sentence/Grammar Apps

Social Study Apps

Spell Words Apps

St. Patrick Day

Talking App- on some of these you talk or type and the animal/robot/etc. mimics you


Tongue Twister Apps

Truth or Dare/Lie


Virtual Field Trips

Vocabulary Apps

WH Questions

Word Apps

iMagic School Basics


iFlashcard Free

Mom Maps

Learn Time

Friendlets Lite

Baby Babble Lite


June 2010-

Speek Geek-

Learn about new apps by reading Moms with Apps blog- and their google group-

Teaching learners with special needs blog-


iPhone/iPod Touch classroom applications

Using cell phones a learning tool- an article on how it is being used in my district-

Moblie  Learning for all students:

A list of iPod Apps by subject area and grade level

An app to create PEC like communication device–

Are you aware of the free learning resources available for the iPod? Victoria serves up great ideas on how to use iPods in the classroom.

iPhone and speech therapy on facebook:

Information on iPad-

Smarty Ears articulation for Iphone-

Assistive Communication

Apps Store-

Blog about apps

Communication on the Go for iPhone and iPod touch

DevelopEase- Software applications for students with special needs

ipod blog


Stuttering 2009

Stuttering 2010

Stuttering Therapy Times

6 Responses to 'iPod/iTouch/iPhone/iPad and therapy'

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  1. May I suggest our app: “Speech with Milo: Verbs”. It was created by a
    licensed Speech-Language Pathologist as a versatile and entertaining app for childeren to build language skills.
    Here is a demo:

    Poorani Doonan, M.S., CCC-SLP

    • Cindy said,

      Yes! I have this app and it is great. I will be updating my list and will definitely add yours to the list.

  2. First Word Lite is my all time favourite application.

  3. Leanne Pool said,

    Hi Cindy,

    I am impressed with the wealth of information you provide on your blog! I have found your lists very helpful when choosing apps through my school’s volume purchase program.

    After seeing how my students were positively responding to the iPad back in 2010, I was inspired to be a part of the app development process. I launched my first app Questions2Learn a couple of weeks ago! Would you mind checking it out? Feedback is always welcomed. You can find information about Questions2Learn at My email is, if you have questions.

    Thank you!
    Leanne Pool

    • Cindy said,

      I would be happy to check out your app on your website.

  4. Danielle Rico said,

    Wow, I love your blog! It’s so extensive. My husband and I recently developed a memory matching (concentration) app for iPad that lets you add your own images to customize games. It’s called Mneemo. My kids love playing concentration and I like being able to add my own photos to target specific vocabulary or sounds for articulation therapy. I’d love to send you a free code to check it out if you are interested. My e-mail is!/id531153060?mt=8

    Danielle Rico, MS, CCC-SLP

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