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SMART board

Zac Browser

Teachers Love SMART Boards- lessons

 Hear Builder from SuperDuper

Variety of Smartboard Lessons from Longwood school district

Text to Speech on Smartboard

Emotions 1      Emotions 2      Emotions 3

Visual Aids

Digital Wish- Autism Lesson Plans

Autism and more

11/1/10 Smartboard for music

9/17/10- Lesson Plans and lots of resources for smartboard:

These work with smartboard-

3/3/10- SmartBoard for Earth Day-

SmartBoard/Interactive Whiteboard Resources from Region 2- Florida

Perfect activities to use with any Interactive Whiteboard

Handouts on using Smart Notebook- SMART Notebook 10 Gallery SMART Notebook New Features

Search for premade Smartboard lessons:


Library of highly visual teaching aids:

Instructional Technology Department

Interactive Whiteboards – List

Online SMART Board Resource Links from SmartEd Services

PowerPoint directions handout on using powerpoint

SMART – Home

SMART Board downloads etc.

SMART Board Resources

SMARTBoard Activities

Here are a few links to some great websites that have classroom ideas for using the Smart Board (…there are tons on the internet – just use SmartBoard as your keyword search!!!)

Math Interactive Site: (draggable math can be found here)


Language Arts Activities from Scholastic:

Lesson Templates by grade and subject:

National Library of Virtual Manipulative (also has Spanish resources):

Smart Board Resources: (on left-hand side of screen “all lesson activities”)

More internet links, tutorials, other interactive whiteboards, lessons…

Primary Sites

Art lessons using the SmartBoard

 Lessons to Use with SmartBoard – all grades

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