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Social Thinking (1 of 4)- LINKS, etc.

Don’t forget to look under the other three Social Thinking titles.

Fantastic —Michelle Garcia Winner’s website

Fantastic —– Social Thinking Materials & Resources by Jill Kuzma

3/3/10 The Social Times is by Kari Dunn Buron. I have used this with my social thinking groups this year and love it! Her other materials, like the 5 Point Scale can be found here:

 Ways to practice conversations in advance-

Responsibility film and discussion guide-

West Metro Learning Connections, Inc. Minnesota Centers for Autism and Asperger

Teaching Children Manners

Books for social thinking

Books for kids about emotions/feelings

Boring Moment lesson

Boys Town

Bullying- Three Experts Answer Your Questions About Bullying

Emotion and Social Cognition Laboratory

CHAMPS- These icons can help provide visuals in the teaching of your expectations

Character Education – Free Resources, Materials, Lesson Plans

Circle or Lunch Bunch Groups-

Conversation Questions

Conversation Starters

Conversation: Social Scripts

Creating Compassionate, Safe, Respectful Environments – Operation Respect

Center on Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Daily Dilemma

Dr Scott Bellinni

Facial Expressions

Feeling wheel

Free printable activities including facial expression

Hidden Curriculum

I Do Dog Tricks

Manners and Etiquette Theme Page

Nonverbal language- talking with our hands

Peterkin Papers- The Peterkin family takes small problems and turns them into big ones. Good for problemsolving & inference

Sandbox Learning – Special Education Tools

Social Skills and Board Games

Social Skills Lesson Plans for Middle School

Social Skills Training Videos::Autism::Aspergers::Developmental Delays

SPD Intervention

Student Activities to Learn Social Skills

TD Social Skills Home-Videos for social thinking skills

Timothy P. Kowalski, M.A.,C.C.C.

 Teach 2 Talk

Watching videos can help children with autism learn social skills: IU News Room

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