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Social Thinking (4 of 4) – VIDEOS

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!  SUGGESTION  !  It is always wise to preview any video prior to using it in a lesson. 

12/2010 Geico commercials I love these! I can see using them in social thinking groups and talking about what unthinkable they are.

i-movies -ASD students using a webquest

4/8/10-   Videos from England to help children deal with doctor visits and other anxieties

3/26/10-Check out Arthur on PBS- Arthur and his pals will make a new friend, Carl, who has Asperger Syndrome. Another great way to teach kids about awareness and compassion! New season begins on April 5th. Here is a preview:

3/26/10- Video about a high school that caters specifically to kids with Asperger’s.


Check out this great Superflex video created by 4th grade students in Virgina:

I have used the Cars movie to work on social thinking skills for friendship, bullies, etc. Here is a clip from YouTube.

 2/28/10 Once in a while you run across commercials or YouTube videos that just make you laugh or if you are a SLP you find ways to use them as an activity lesson! Here are some I’ve found

Mr. BeanI have often used the Mr. Bean DVDs for lessons. He is a great resource to use for working on: body language, what is he thinking and  expected vs unexpected. You can find many episodes on YouTube here is one-

Wallace and Gromit- I  have often used the Wallace and Gromit DVDs for lessons too for the same reasons as listed under Mr. Bean. Try a search on YouTube for Wallace and Gromit movies and you will find many options. Here is one clip on YouTube :

3rd Rock from the Sun STRONG SUGGESTION: You NEED to preview before using any clips in lessons due to some adult content or innuendoes. This sitcom is about a group of extraterrestrials on an expedition of what they consider to be the least important planet, Earth (the 3rd Rock from the Sun), while posing as a human family of four, to observe human beings.  This one I have not used at the elementary level due to content and limited availability but now YouTube has it on their site. Here is one :

Wall-E  is a movie that has very little talking. I have used this movie to work on non-verbal language.

Be sure to check out Jill Kuzma’s site for other videos-

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