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Not a Stick…

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on May 3, 2016
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Last posting I showed how I used the Not a Box book. This time I used Not a Stick for our creative and imagination adventures.

This book follows the same format as Not a Box. It has one sentence on a page along with cute line drawings of pig and his/her imagination. This time pigs finds a stick and let’s his/her pretend play turn it into a artist’s brush, sword and other imaginative objects.

First we read the book and made guesses of what the pig had imagined his/her stick to be. The book is set up to show pig standing with the stick and the next page shows what it becomes. It was a interesting to see what guesses my students made.

I gave each student a blank card stock paper and a bag of sticks. What will their imagination turn the stick into? I tried to steer them to new ideas and not just ones from the book. It wasn’t too hard to do. Once they had their idea I hot glued a stick to their paper and they drew their object.

I did not have them draw themselves. I took their pictures and printed them to add to their creations. See below for some of the finished results!



I even had a crown for the princess.



I can’t wait to see what my other students create!

Now for the twist. What app can pair up with this book you ask? Here are a few suggestions:

Draw a Stickman – free

Draw a stickman– this one is done on your computer

Draw a Stickman: Epic 2 – 1.99

Draw a Stickman: Epic HD -2.99

Draw a Stickman Epic- free – free

Doddlecast by Sago – 2.99

Now it’s time to add your own twists… Let me know by leaving a comment or two.