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Theme Units

**This symbolizes materials I created- Enjoy!

1/19/10~ I am adding a new link under Themes- Winter. It is a link to a bear den in Ely MN. It has a live web cam and the bear is expected to have her cubs any day. It might be a great way to talk about hibernation. 1/22/10- Lily had her cub today!


  1. Worksheets, Printables, Activities
  2. Theme Units
  3. Theme Unit Calendar
  4. Theme Units some files may need Boardmaker to open
  5. Theme Units – Activities for all letters of the alphabet
  6. Theme Units List of fun inexpensive themes to order
  7. Theme Units- Variety of Seasonal units


  1. Animals
  2. Animal Lotto Game
  3. Animals

Archaeology 2/16/10 

  1. **These are vocabulary cards. Print the definition cards and cards 1-5 then print the card backs on the backs of all. You can match the definition to the picture cards  archaeology definitions 2 archaeology definitions 1 archaeology cards 1 archaeology cards 2 archaeology cards 3 archaeology card backs

Back to School  little yellow school bus

  1. Back to School –
  2. Back to School- Inexpensive Back to School Game Set
  3. Back to School-Planning guide
  4. Back to School
  5. Back to School -Lesson Plans, Printables
  6. Back to School

Birds 1/20/10– cardinal

  1. Webcam of humming bird nest-
  3. Enchanted Learning Unit-
  4. Birding Projects for kids
  5. Fun bird facts
  6. Bird Migration Facts
  7. Bird Day Activities
  8. wild about birds
  9. Bird Nesting Habits

Bugs animated ladybug

  1. Bugs 3-D INSECTS Welcome to the world of virtual insects!
  2. Bugs – Insect Farmers
  3. Bugs – Insect Songs
  4. Bugs- Insectclopedia Research Portal
  5. Bugs -Insects on the Web

Camping Tent Clipart

  1. Camping
  2. Camping- Ideas for Teaching, Resources for Lesson Plan
  3. Camping –
  4. Camping – >
  5. Camping –
  6. Camping – Lesson Plans, Printables, Worksheets


  1. Castles and Kings- An inexpensive set to order
  2. Castles -Build a Castle: Dress-up Game on-line

Circus 4/12/10- Our curcus tents are the most poularSee full size image

  1. Circus Unit

Cooking/Food  sandwich

  1. Cooking/Food- Preschool Cooking Activities
  2. Cooking/Food- Food & Nutrition Theme – Lesson Plans, Thematic Units, Printables, Worksheets
  3. Cooking/Food- Four Food Groups Mobile
  4. Cooking/Food-Online Jigsaw Puzzles
  5. Cooking/Food- Teaching Kids How to Cook
  6. Apples & Food- inexpensive fun set to order
  7. Apples and Johnny Appleseed Crafts and Coloring
  8. Banana Theme
  9. Fruit Mini Book
  10. Fruit – Activity Idea Place
  11. Make a Place setting with food-
  12. Vegetable in a Bottle-
  13. Vegetable Puppets-
  14. Vegetables – Little Explorers
  15. Vegetables Coloring Pages –
  16. Vegetables matching game

Cowboy/girl cowgirl clipartcowboy clipart

  1. 2/16/10 **These are vocabulary cards I created. Print 1-5 and turn over to print the cowboy card backs on each. You can print pairs to play games. cowboy cards back cowboy cards 5 cowboy cards 4 cowboy cards 3 cowboy cards 2 cowboy cards 1
  2. Cowboy/girl- An inexpensive fun set to order


  1. Fall-Inexpensive set to order
  2. Fall-
  3. Fall –
  4. Fall- Fall Flashcards


  1. Farm- Inexpensive set to order
  2. Farm -Farm worksheets for kids
  3. Farm- Ideas for learning about farms, farm animals, and crops


  1. Food- inexpensive fun apple set to order
  2. Food -Apples and Johnny Appleseed Crafts and Coloring
  3. Food- Banana Theme
  4. Food-DLTK’s Fruit Mini Book
  5. Food – fruit – Activity Idea Place
  6. Food -Fruit – Little Explorers
  7. Food -Fruit From Washington
  8. Food -Fruits and Vegetables
  9. Food – Fruits Coloring Pages for Preschool and Kindergarten
  10. Food -Make a Place setting with food
  11. Food -Printable Vegetables Word Search Game
  12. Food – Vegetable in a Bottle
  13. Food -Vegetables – Little Explorers
  14. Food -Vegetables Basket Craft | Nutrition | Printable Preschool Lesson Plan Activities
  15. Food -Vegetables Coloring Pages for Preschool and Kindergarten -vegetables matching game
  16. Food- Pizza -between the pages; pete’s a pizza
  17. Food- Pizza -Family Literacy Backpack Project
  18. Food- Pizza- Mama Mia’s Pizzeria pizza unit
  19. Food- Petes A Pizza An activity guide for the book
  20. Food- Pizza Pizza Unit
  21. Food- Pizza Theme  Book list, songs, crafts, and more
  22. Nutrition and Food Lesson Plans – Lots of ideas, lessons, games and more

Jungle lazing around

  1. Jungle -Inexpensive Jungle Set to order
  2. Jungle -Animals: Jungle Animals | eThemes
  3. Jungle- Jungle Book, Fun Facts, Information
  4. Jungle -Planet Earth : Jungles: Discovery Channel
  5. Jungle -Preschool Jungle Fast Facts
  6. Jungle -The ChildFun Family Website – Jungle Activities
  7. Jungle – The Rainforest: People, Animals & Facts
  8. Jungle -YouTube – in the jungle

Monsters  alien or monster?

  1. Monster Madness at The Virtual Vine
  2. Monsters -Inexpensive fun set to order

Native American

  1. MSU Mankato Native Peoples of MN
  2. eJournal USA(articles about Native Americans and other indigenous people)
  3. Indian Affairs Council of Minnesota (links to each nation’s website)
  4. In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors-
  5. Dakota Internment at Fort Snelling
  6. The Dakota Conflict Trials 1862

Ocean  clam animation

  1. Ocean Adventure Inexpensive set to order
  2. Ocean – Under the sea word find

Olympics- 2/1/10 olympic rings PNGOlympic Medal Count-  2010-FINAL Olympic Medal count

Olympic Card Game**- Directions: Print out pages 1-4 then turn over and print page 5 on the backs. Use these cards to play memory by matching pictures to definitions or give the clue and guess the answer or find the picture that matches or use with any game board. I’m sure you can think of other ways to play too! Winter Olympic cards**

  1. 2/4/10- **These are 8×11 pictures of the 2010 Winter Olympic Events. I am posting them in the hallway at my school. I am going to add vocabulary words that are sport specific and see if the students can match it to the sports (ex: checking matches hockey).2010 Winter Olympics rings**  Alpine Skiing**  Biathlon**  Bobsleigh**  Cross Country Skiing ** Curling ** Figure Skating**  Freestyle Skiing**  Hockey**  Luge**   Nordic Combined** Short Track**  Skeleton**  Ski Jump**  Snowboard**  Speed Skating**   2/5/10– What Sport is this cards**- Print and tape the vocabulary question card over the answer- lift up to reveal the answer-Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4 Card 5 Card 6 Card 7 Card 8
  2. 2/10/10 List of participating countries
  3. 2/10/10 Post this to keep track of the medal counts for each country- medal count You can find the results on the link below this.
  4. The Official 2010 Winter Olympic Site-
  5. 2/7/10– Olympic quiz- Be sure to look at the other Olympic activities on this site too
  6. 2/8/10– Winter Olympic Teaching Theme-
  7. E-Books to order-
  8. Sports Illustarated-
  9. Enchanted Learning-
  10. U.S. Olympic Committee Kids Base Camp
  11. Olympics through the years-
  12. Go for the Gold-
  13. An Olympic hunt and more
  14. Olympic Games and Crafts
  15. Olympic Lessons
  16. Olympic Printables & activities-
  17. Lots of Activities-
  18. Olympic Vocabulary-

Paralympics 3/7/10 FINAL 2010-paralympic-medal-count-3-21-10

What is this cards** Print and tape the vocabulary question card over the answer- lift up to reveal the answer 1 para** 2 para** 3 para** 4 para 5 para** 6 para**

Pirates 3/9/10 

  1. Fun online games-
  2. Inexpensive Pirate theme to order:

Space landing on the moon?

  1. Space and Alien Set to order
  2. Space -Amazing Space
  3. Space -Cassini-Huygens: Kids Space-Activities
  4. Space -Funschool – Space – Games, Printables and Crafts for Kids
  5. Space – Great Sites for Kids – Space Sites
  6. Space -NASA – Students K-4
  7. Space -Outer Space Crafts and Coloring Pages
  8. Space-Outer Space Theme | Online Activity | Astronaut | Astronomer | Preschool Lesson
  9. Space -

Spring Animated brown bunny

  1. Spring Writing Paper
  2. Spring -an inexpensive Easter set to order
  3. Spring Describe the Rainy Day printable (3 – 4)
  4. Spring- Listen for Sounds of Spring printable (K – 2)
  5. Spring -Bells of Springtime
  6. Spring -Bird nest craft
  7. Spring information and printables

Summer  beach trip

  1. Summer Word Find
  2. Summer set An inexpensive fun set to order
  3. Teacher Planet: Summer Theme Page

Veterans Day animated U.S. flag

  1. Veterans Day
  2. Description of Veterans Day
  3. Crafts
  4. Printables and Lessons


  1. Cloud Types:
  2. Volcano  – volcano mini book Volcano vocab list**  volcano fact book make a volcano

Winter penguin and a snowman

  1. Inexpensive Winter Activity set to order
  2. Winter -Billy Bear’s Winter Activities
  3. Winter -December Monthly Helpers Workbook
  4. Winter -Ice and Snow
  5. Winter – PowerPoint Story Writing Template – Sample Winter Story Writing Template
  6. Winter -Rainbow Magic
  7. Winter  -Simple Snowflake Patterns
  8. Winter -Snow-Snowmen printables
  9. Winter  -Winter color pgs, etc
  10. 1/19/10– This is a link to a bear den in Ely MN. It has a live web cam and the bear is expected to have her cubs any day. It might be a great way to talk about hibernation.

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