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Summer 2010-

I have just bought an iTouch and am having fun! I am also checking out some app. Look under the link for iPod/iTouch/iPhone/iPad and therapy. One thing that has been nice is being able to access my blog site during therapy and pull up articulation word lists etc. It saves on printing out pages and filing! I think I will be adding more so I can have easy access.


As this school year comes to a close I may have more time to create new materials soo… if you have any ideas please post your ideas in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

May 2010-

The Helping Paws event was very successful! We brought in over $60,000. Thanks to all of you who gave pledges – I raised a total $830.00 now up to $850.00  $880.00!

I am moving the games I create to a link-  look under “My Games** on the right side. I am adding a new game today- Something Fishy.  I want to thank those of you who have donated to Helping Paws.

 I have a friend who has  a new book- Come Sign with Us; The Adventures of Potts and Friends. Her hope is that therapists would take the information home to share with their families.  It won the   February 2010 Mom’s Choice Awards gave the book a Silver in Education Products. This tent book is designed to help people learn ASL while reading and teaching to babies/toddlers/non-verbal children.  Words are in context to life events.

 Check out the new link under: Create your own… video social stories and cartooning


April 2010- 

New game board template sites under- Create your own…board games & more


March 2010-

!Lily The Black Bear** – This is the powerpoint presentation that was created by my students. They had a fun time watching the live bear cam, learning facts and creating slides. Unfortunately you will not be able to hear the recordings as they read each slide. The sound files do not transfer well. Enjoy!!  See this web site for more information on black bears and Lily and Hope. The bear cam is still there but Lily and Hope have recently moved outside of the den so you may not be lucky enough to view them live.    

Check out Arthur on PBS- Arthur and his pals will make a new friend, Carl, who has Asperger Syndrome. Another great way to teach kids about awareness and compassion! New season begins on April 5th. Here is a preview:  

A fun product to use for all students in therapy                                                                                                                                                                                                               





10/09~Welcome! I started this site to share a variety of links I have found on the web.  Hopefully these links will help students (along with their families) improve their speech and language skills. I also hope other speech language pathologists will find great ideas, materials and resources to use.

** This symbolizes materials I created- Enjoy!                                                                      Click on the titles on the side of the page to discover a variety of resources. 

I am a speech language pathologist in District 279-Osseo Area Schools in Minnesota. I work at Oak View and Rush Creek Elementary schools.

I also do private therapy for Speech Language Connections-  

I hope this site will be helpful to all!

Cindy L. Meester MS,CCC-SLP ~ Speech Language Pathologist

Do you have a comment, suggestion or find a link that doesn’t work? Please leave me a comment at in the Comment section at the bottom of this page.

7/09 My youngest son, Anthony at Basic Training graduation.                                                    3/4/10 Anthony is now in Iraq.  Please keep all soldiers in your thoughts and prayers!      5/25/10 Anthony is home on leave!! Hopefully I will see more than just his back as he runs out of the house each day before he has to head back to Iraq.

Link to my favorite non-profit organization:  Gabby- the service dog I trained visiting us in March 2010- she is now 10!