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My Games!**

5/16/10- This is a game about fish. You can use it for vocabulary, articulation carryover, problemsolving skills and more. Look under the direction link for more information. I printed mine on regular paper and used 3 mil lamination.  Directions Something Fishy Game

Cover Page – put on the container you use to store the game

Fish Game Board

Fish Question Cards  5/20/10- I fixed some sentences on a couple of cards.

Fish Card backs

Fish game pictures

Blank Fish Question Cards- WORD

Blank Fish Question Cards- PDF


Under The Big Top **    It has word lists for  L,R and S. This game can be played with both articulation and language students.   I noticed that if I drew a line on the game page it helped some of my students create their game board with better success.  I used a marker and made a wandering line (start) from the bottom corner up to the circus tent (end). They glued on the pictures and left a small space so the line could be seen between the pictures.


Batter Up!**    You can use this with articulation for r,l or s and also with other students. I will post it here and under the articulation link.  Batter Up cover**   This can be put on the front of a folder or envelope that stores your game. Brainbuster Baseball      Baseball Parade Puzzle        Babe Ruth Day from Super Duper