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All About Me Theme

Posted in Uncategorized by Cindy on September 13, 2011

I went back to school for workshops the last week in August and most students in MN start school after Labor Day. I am planning on doing an All About Me theme to start the year. This will be my first year at this school so it will be a chance for the kids to learn about me too. I also plan on using apps and books that show different characteristics each of us have like the Ugly Duckling.  Moving my apps into theme folders has helped me organize them and use them more.

I wanted to add more to this post but it has been a crazy start being at two new schools. I’m meeting all new students and staff while dealing with an exploding caseload. So here’s my plan for this theme…for now.

Blaze Cone: It's All About Me

Activity 1:

I do own this cone and have used it in my social thinking groups. I put it in front of a student  when they are doing all the talking and not thinking about the group. I have even placed it in front of me !  I plan on using it during the theme ALL ABOUT ME  but in a different way. This time if it is in front of a student then it IS all about them and their turn to share and our turn to listen and learn more about them.

Activity 2: Be sure you trace your hands too!

1. Have students trace their hands or another student’s hand- concepts to talk about when tracing: around, over, under, big, little, long, short

2. Write characteristics for student on each finger or put pictures/words about family, pets, favorite food/movie/color, etc. (write student names on the front of the hands)

3. Arrange the hands to make words on your wall. You could spell out ALL ABOUT ME, SPEECH STARS, etc.

4.  You can have students guess who is who by covering up their names with a post-it note

Activity 3:

1. Guess Who game- take pictures of your students and print small ones to place in the picture frames on this game

2. Take pictures of your students and take turns picking one from a stack and giving clues

APP folder for All About Me:

Digital Scrapbooking for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

All About Me  for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

Olivia Acts Out for iPad

Little Mouse Gets Ready for iPhone, i Touch or iPad

Ugly Duckling from StoryChimes for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

Ugly Duckling Interactive  for iPad

Ugly Duckling Game  for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

Why does she have a haircut? for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

How are you- feelings for iPad

Howard B. Wigglebottom for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

I can do it too for iPad   I can do it too for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

I like my sister   for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

I like Grandma   I like Grandpa for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

My Friend Isabelle  for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

The boy who cried wolf for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

Wrong side of the bed for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

The boy who cried wolf- interactive for iPad   Boy who cried wolf  for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

Best Friends Sleep-over  for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

Topsy and Tim start school  for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

What a Pest for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

Zanny born to run for iPad

Speech Journal for iPad- you can import images and record your voice or student voices while creating a picture sequence


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Materials to order:

Perkilou Back to School Games very inexpensive

Perkilou All About Me very inexpensive be sure to check out Dina’s freebies and other items